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    V3 Emotional vs Physical Care

    I got a v3 today and this is my first time raising one since I was like 8, having only played v4/4.5s recently. I saw something about how emotional and physical care are separate things on this version. I roughly understand what contributes to each one but I saw that certain games affect certain...
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    V4 evolved into Hinotamatchi???

    As far as I can tell items don’t increase happiness. Some do have other benefits, such as certain food items adding skill points and items like the shovel and a few others having a chance to give you money.
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    How to change or influence which family group a child evolves into on the V4?

    This topic is super interesting to me as I have recently started up my 2 v4s and have been curious about how to get into different family groups. Here is how mine have gone so far, all having been cared for perfectly as far as I know: Gen 1 Male: Puchitchi -> Gourmetchi -> Togetchi...
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    V4 evolved into Hinotamatchi???

    This happened to me too. First gen I had a Togetchi and Yattatchi that I married and then the babies grew into Harutchi and Mohitamatchi. I was super excited because that meant I’d most likely be getting a Mame and Kuchi this gen. Today the Mohitamatchi evolved into Hinotamatchi instead of a...
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    V4 Stopped Working Suddenly

    One of my v4's was working perfectly fine until just a few minutes ago. The screen randomly turned off and there's no sound when I press any buttons. I heard it receive a mail to minute prior to this and I tried changing the battery to see if it would help. When I put the battery in it made a...