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  1. RiniMoon

    ░ Rini's Tama Log ░

    09.29.16 Hi everyone! I've been so busy these last couple of days that I ended up missing a couple days of logging QAQ Please forgive me!! Lately, both Bunbuntchi and I have been study lots at school ^-^ Bunbuntchi told me that he prefers going to school rather than working [so do...
  2. RiniMoon

    ░ Rini's Tama Log ░

    09.26.19 Hi everyone, Today was sort of an off day for me >.< I was feeling kind of down and anxious and didn't get too much work done at uni. I didn't really feel like spending too much time with other people today, so I paid plenty of attention to my tama ^u^ Bunbuntchi...
  3. RiniMoon

    Few general questions from a potential newbie!

    I was getting really tired of the mini game too, so I downloaded a bunch of new ones to try from here: My favorite game is "Egg Shooting" because it is actually really challenging XD
  4. RiniMoon

    Kyuu's Log

    I hope you are doing well >_< I am glad you have more time for tamas though ^o^ They always help to bring my spirits up when I am feeling down. I think you should start with your P's c: That is the one I am running right now and I am having a blast!! I was thinking of downloading the...
  5. RiniMoon

    What's The Best Tamagotchi Deal You've Found?

    I just recently won a bid on a new pearl white Japanese angelgotchi for $18 USD >A< I am ecstatic!! It'll be here within a couple of weeks!!
  6. RiniMoon

    That feeling when...

    Ahh! I know that feeling too well! I am currently waiting for a pink melody M!X to come in. I think it is supposed to come between September 31 and October 15 or so x_x;; I just try to ignore the tracking information and busy myself with other things X3
  7. RiniMoon

    Tamadonut's Cool Connection log :p

    I'm freaking out about how cute your log is >3< I love the names you gave the twins. They are absolutely perfect <3
  8. RiniMoon

    ░ Rini's Tama Log ░

    09.25.16 Hi everyone, Today I decided to go to the library to revise some lecture notes for some of my classes and I brought my little tama along with me. I am currently running my Tamagotchi P's and have the Bunbuntchi VDP downloaded onto it. - Stats - x Age 3 X Stage...
  9. RiniMoon

    ░ Rini's Tama Log ░

    Thanks for letting me know!! I fixed it up ^_^ Hopefully it shows up for everyone x_X;;
  10. RiniMoon

    ░ Rini's Tama Log ░

    Rini's Tama Log by RiniMoon Hi everyone, It's back to school season and I've decided that I would like to start off this new school year with a new tama log ^u^! I am fairly busy, as I am in my fourth year of university, so I might not be able to update this thread as often as I'd...
  11. RiniMoon

    Obtaining Happy Items in the Hexagontchi [Letters E, A & N]?

    UPDATE** I was able to figure out how to find letters 'E' and 'A'. To obtain the radio for letter 'E' you must purchase the hexagon album from the Tama Depa. And to get the TV for letter 'A' you must win it from the tickets you get from purchasing items. I believe the counterpart to this item...
  12. RiniMoon

    Obtaining Happy Items in the Hexagontchi [Letters E, A & N]?

    Hello everyone! I just recently received my first colored tamagotchi in the mail, that being the Hexagontchi! I've been able to figure most of it out, besides obtaining the happy items. I am aware that these are the steps needed to be taken in order to obtain the items...
  13. RiniMoon

    Tamagotchi M!X - New Bandai Trademark

    Ahh! I am so excited >3< I wonder what they are going to look like and I really do hope it has IR and NFC as well.
  14. RiniMoon

    Mod Break

  15. RiniMoon

    Mametchi VS Mimitchi Wars

  16. RiniMoon

    Does anyone over the age of 16 still play with tamagotchis?

    I am currently 20 and I just recently got back into playing with my tamagotchi! I found it one day and a huge wave of nostalgia just gushed over me. I believe I got my very first one in 2004 when I was 9 years old? It was a version 1 Tamagotchi Connection.
  17. RiniMoon

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    I am currently waiting for a Hekisagontchi that I ordered from eBay for about $60.00 CAN. I am super excited because this will be my FIRST color tamagotchi!! The seller hasn't sent me a confirmation e-mail yet and it's been a couple of days, so I am starting to get a little worried >_< I...
  18. RiniMoon

    Hi everyone! <3

    Thank you Becky! &lt;3 :D
  19. RiniMoon

    Hi everyone! <3

    Thank you :wub: As for virtual pet videos, I don't recall making one.
  20. RiniMoon

    Hi everyone! <3

    Hi everyone! It's been a long long time since I've last been on this site( maybe 10 years ago?) I used to visit often, back when Tamagotchi Connection V3 was just coming out. I found some old tamagotchi's (how could I have forgotten T^T) and decided that it was time to get them back up and...