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  1. OrinDesu

    Tamagotchi in a walk

    I don't think it was a dog but I'll see, thank you.
  2. OrinDesu

    Tamagotchi in a walk

    Hello young and strong VP owners, I'm looking for a old, I guess 'cause I'm 34, virtual pet, probably not a real Tamagotchi. I remember one thing is a walk option which allowed not to worried about his VP during thirty minutes at least but, if your vp was hungry before, you could find him dead...
  3. OrinDesu

    Nostalgia hit me hard

    Hello, I'm a french collector of toys and video games from my childhood. I recently buy two of Digimon virtual pet, and i'm looking for other kind of tamagotchi that I only remember one thing. So I came here hoping find this virtual pet. Have a good day fellowes.