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    hi i am just saying that i think that the guides r all losers. they always close good topics, coz they r "innapropriate" i searched through tamatalk helping people, but NO ONE made me a guide. admin does a bad job running tamatalk. if any guides close this topic, ill know they r wussys
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    This offend's me!

    yeh its fun 2 burn stuff and who cares its their choice. and it didnt work the video froze in the middle(I WANTED 2 SEE THE TAMAGOTCHI GET EXPLODED)
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    Vote For TamaAngels To Come Back!

    i think it would be soooooo awesome if bandai brought back all the old tamagotchis for a limited time!! :)
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    PLease help!

    oh well maybe my tama is different couse it worked like that on mine oh well lets be friends! :)
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    PLease help!

    you get a ring if u donate 5000 points, u get a cape if u donate 13000 points and u get a crown if u donate 30000 points and u get something REAL special if u donate 50000 points! i hope i helped someone! -_-
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    V3 Starting Out

    to make the happiness go up, u need to either feed it lots of lollies (but that makes the tamas weight go up 2) or play some games. i hope i hav helped -_-
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    Can I make my tamagotchis grow faster?

    just 2 let u know guys know, there is NO way to make ur tama row faster(believe me, i have tried it many times!) but i do know how long it takes on average, without pausing, for tamas 2 evolve. Egg to Baby: 1 minute Bany to Kid: 1 hour Kid to Teen:1 day Teen to Adult: 3 days i hope that...
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    Do you think pixel chix are better then tamagotchi

    ok let me tell u that pixel chix ARE A LOAD OF *word edited*! u can not turn off da sound, so if ur in a bus with someone who has one, then watch out they r so loud. da little girl on them is NOT a good role model for little girls, coz she just goes 2 parties all da time. In conclusion, neva get...
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    hey im new 2 tamatalk but not 2 tamas

    hey guys im new 2 tamatalk but i am a very experienced tamagotchi owner. i was just wondering if there was any items that give out money or any codes 2 get more money. plz reply people I NEED 2 KNOW!! :huh: