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  1. Eggiweg

    Tamagotchi Metaverse?

    I'm sure there will be a market for it! For me personally though, the appeal of tamagotchi lies in it's "virtual pet in your pocket" nature. Nintendogs VR though...
  2. Eggiweg

    Guess the anime, but badly describe it as much as possible

    Arakawa under the bridge
  3. Eggiweg

    A little help in purchasing a purple Some?

    You can also try looking for sellers on instagram under the #tamagotchisome tag. One of the commenters on this post mentions that they have a purple some. Good luck with your search!
  4. Eggiweg

    Japanese Text on English On
  5. Eggiweg

    Help w English Tama Idl transfers/ downloads

    They're the same thing. Did your dongle/adapter not come with software?
  6. Eggiweg

    Guess the anime, but badly describe it as much as possible

    I'm thinking of Hellsing, but not sure about the guitar part. Man quits job to live under bridge.
  7. Eggiweg

    The Lucid Log

    The Scream (Edvard Munch ✖ Tamagotchi collab)
  8. Eggiweg

    Help w English Tama Idl transfers/ downloads

    I've never used a dongle before, but do you need software to send the files over? If not, I've heard that IR dongles are notoriously fiddly, and you just have to keep trying until it sends through.
  9. Eggiweg

    Custom Shell Designs? :)

    I love seeing people's childhood customs, imo it makes the tama really special even though they usually turn out a bit on the not-so-aesthetic side. The tama-GO faceplate is really easy to remove and replace, but you can also do this with the new colour models as well!
  10. Eggiweg

    Dreams about Tamagotchi's?
  11. Eggiweg

    Tamagotchi Manga There's some old untranslated stuff here. I think there may be some translated scans floating around on tumblr, but I have no links at the moment.
  12. Eggiweg

    Custom Shell Designs? :)

    Just like mimitchi's advice, sand it down, spray it with some primer, and then you can use whatever medium you want to paint it. Some options are: enamel paints, acrylic paints (try to use model paints which are thinner), POSCA paint pens, UV resin, nail polish, glitter, stickers. You can seal...
  13. Eggiweg

    Custom Shell Designs? :)

    Not quite the same, but someone tried to cast some resin tama shells before.
  14. Eggiweg

    Whats your favorite Tamagotchi toy designs/shells?

    The yellow and blue tama designs really slap for some reason. These are some of my favourites.
  15. Eggiweg

    Custom Shell Designs? :)

    I've got some V2 bootleg shells I'm thinking of painting. If they turn out nice I might swap in the guts of another tama.
  16. Eggiweg

    Custom Shell Designs? :)

    Oh these are so cute! I have the paints, but no design yet. ;(
  17. Eggiweg


  18. Eggiweg

    What accessories do you put on your Tama case?

    I love that wonderland charm! I'm too scared to put anything on my tamas for fear it will scratch the screens, but maybe something like those soft screen wiper would be ok?
  19. Eggiweg

    Matlab de Hakken! Fan-made vintage Tamagotchis

    Just tried out the apk and it's really coming along nicely! Didn't realise how much I missed the status screen while it was gone. Just some feedback, I'm still able to feed the tamagotchi while it's sick, and the sprites appear a little blurry. I think it might be due to the anti-aliasing?
  20. Eggiweg

    Best Digimon version for beginners

    20th anniversary digimon re-release hands down.