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    Siggy Shop!

    Text: *~Tigerstar~* Which type? 2 colors Font: size 15 If to colors then what colors: blue to purple
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    Animal Crossing!

    He said "here's the missing piece of the map! Good job Hammy! But where does this map lead to?..."
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    Young Mimitchi is sick

    They went to earth. But they didn't know where they kept chickens. So...
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    Do ya have a theme song?

    No, I don't, but I think I'll make one!
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    What's your Favourite Pet?

    You see, I voted Hamster, Because it's my MOST favourite, but I also like mice. I have a hamster, but not a mouse.
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    What's your Favourite Pet?

    Please tell me your favourite pet. Remember, you don't have to have it for it to be your favourite! If you have more than one but not all, vote one of them, then post all of them!
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    Bandai Wants To Know #4

    It was EASY to log on!
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    Bandai Wants To Know #3

    I picked yes, But I like the V4 better. :huh: :D
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    Bandai Wants To Know #2

    I bought Glow in the dark. :wub: :unsure: :D :wub: :D :nyatchi: :huh:
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    Bandai Wants To Know #1

    Yes, I bought the V4, but I had to go to Newmarket to get it!!! :huh: Anyways, My sisters, Loti and mimitchi&hanatchilover got them too. Loti and me got the Glow in the dark, mimitchi&hanatchilover got sunflowers. :wub: :D :D
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    Passwords for e-tamago

    M&Hlover! I got a password for your Ura tama! password:0923984 2096015
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    My Uratama log

    Okay, so Shima and Kushi just evolved!! Kushi evolved about 7 minutes before Shima though... Well anyways, Kushi is a S***pokotchi. The first 4 letters spell, er, bad word together. That S-word. Also, even regarding her character's name, she is a VERY cute tama character. And Shima is a...
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    My Uratama log

    Shima woke up!
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    My Uratama log

    They are going to evolve into toddlers in about half an hour!! They will be so cute!! Then I hope that Shima turns into Hinotamatchi and Kushi into YoungMarotchi. But the sandals one is okay, too. :angry:
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    My Uratama log

    Kushi just woke up!! And now Shima is taking a nap!!
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    My Uratama log

    Kushi is taking a nap!! How cute!
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    My Uratama log

    I got new tamas today! They are a Entama and a uratama. The Entama is a Memezoku boy, named Shima. And the Uratama is a Mamezoku girl, named Kushi.   They are both still babies. Memeotchi and UraMamekotchi.   I'm going for Shimashimatchi and UraZukyutchi. Well, maybe. I could always get...
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    Have you adopted a tama before?

    I adopted LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I adopted a ;) , a :wacko: , And two :blink: s.
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    I was Just wondering..

    You went to TOKYO?! You're lucky. From Canada it's like $6015 to fly on a plane to Japan!!
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    I had to donate 5005p to get the ring. Then 12019 to get the cape. I didn't get the crown because my tama died. I did this on my sister's tam.