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    If you can draw them, you should scan a picture of one of your pets, and enter it in the beauty contest.
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    Gave my mutsu away

    Why? O.o
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    Why aren't the members of my site on?

    Yeah because nobody has reported you. Someone could easily report you now that you posted it. Nice move.   Regards, DarkCore
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    My Idea For Tommorow

    Cool, I don't have a Tamagotchi Version Three, and I don't think I'm going to get one either. I have lost my interest in Virtual Pets.   By the way the correct area for this is Non TamaTalk.   The What's On Your Mind forum is for posting things that are on your mind about Tamagotchis. For...
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    Don't eat..

    Yes, but you have to cure them with a certain medicine. I forget which sickness it was. :P   Regards, DarkCore
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    How Many Neopoints Do You Have?

    What is your username?   Regards, DarkCore
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    Probably meaning bad at earning neopoints...   Regards, DarkCore
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    jelly world

    I hate how they say that Jelly World does not exist yet they put a hyperlink in a game to it. x.X'   Regards, DarkCore
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    The SnowWager

    Yes, but I rarely get anything good.   Regards, DarkCore
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    Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer Game

    Because they're posers. Why am I posting?
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    I wouldn't imagine...   Regards, DarkCore
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    MatchMaker Times?

    If you're unsure about the times, just keep it with you at all times. Whenever it beeps, look at it and see if the Match Maker is there.   Regards, DarkCore
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    I think it is more random than anything. I did every that a website told me to do, and I still did not get it.     Regards, DarkCore
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    Question about the MatchMaker

    It is basically random.   Regards, DarkCore
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    what stores sell tamagotchi V3 s in nj

    -Walmart -Zellers -Toys R Us -KB Toys   Regards, DarkCore
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    Just got my tamagotchi plus!

    There are way too many fake Japanese Plus Tamagotchis. I saw them at a local hobby shop near me. The bandi logo on it is merely a sticker.   Regards, DarkCore
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    Special Occasions

    Very useful topic.   Regards, DarkCore
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    Running out

    Meh, they are just lazy. They rushed the Version Three because they knew people would buy it if it was good or not.   Regards, DarkCore
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    Plz visit Whales R Cool

    'Don't join Invision Free sites, sorry.
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    I have a tough disicion!

    Heh, babysit, and earn money for a laptop for your room. ^.^'