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    Group members PM boxes. *Reminder*

    I just thought of something... maybe someone could start a new topic (perhaps pinned) about blocking. 'Cause people are blocking others for not really very "reasonable" reasons. Like, someone blocked me for my tama getting a part in a play in RP and the other person didn't. Just my opinion.
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    Group members PM boxes. *Reminder*

    Why is it that guides always think of something that NO MEMBER would ever think of? Well, uh... hmm... 'cause they're guides, I guess! He he! Thanks, Mothra!
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    The Banning Game!

    Oh... well... I ban you for giving me that information! Now try and ban me! If ya can! Aaagh! He he! made ya blink! Try banning me for making ya blink! Too bad! He he! But guess what? I ban you for blinking! So you can not ban ME because you are already banned!!!! Mou ha ha ha!
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    Group members PM boxes. *Reminder*

    Thanks, Mothra. I agree, inboxes are getting filled up NONSTOP! It's getting ChAoS! After every Pm you receive, delete one or two sent items, and inbox items. Just click check the messages you wish to delete and click on the delete button below. And I'm the 5th person to reply! The actual 5th...
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    Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer Game

    Cause E stands for green, A stands for blue, R stands for green, T stands for blue, and H stands for Hello! Duh! Why is air invisible?
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    The Banning Game!

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    The Banning Game!

    *Gasp!* I ban tamagirl1092 for banning someone who's already been banned! By herself! Come on, try and ban me! He he!
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    What stage tama do you have?

    Mines a girl <_< her name is Nacho. She's a toddler.
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    How about... Kaylie and Haylie? Or.... Zoe and Cloe? Ali and AJ? And my favourite..... Angel and Devil!!!!! Happy ever after, - *Tweety*
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    How Do You Do Those Hearts?

    That's okay I found the problem! My computer only has one number pad wich is on the top! It doesn't have one on the side! But I found other cool stuff! Like these! q e r i a s d g h c b n
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    How Do You Do Those Hearts?

    Ok, I'll try: well I can't see num lock? Is it beside 1?
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    How Do You Do Those Hearts?

    I did it with on and off! And is num lock caps lock??? Let me try again: doesn't work!!!
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    How Do You Do Those Hearts?

    It didn't work, all it did was go "Doing! Doing!" nothing appeared... :marumimitchi:
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    what`s your username on neopets?

    It's x__funkymonkey_101__x I'm too young to neomail but challenge my pet x__Tibby_101__x the korbat, x__Mackenzie_101__x the shoyru, x__Kayla_101__x the Kougra, or x__Emily_101__x the poogle in the Battle Dome!!!
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    How Do You Do Those Hearts?

    How do you post hearts in your post? Need to know bad!!!
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    The Banning Game!

    I ban you for putting a smilie in your post!
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    (Non) TamaTalk

    Now that we're back on topic... Thanks JC once again! We all needed this SO much, and you helped us a lot! *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *Tweety*
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    Yes, they can. But on the V2s they can be whatever age so long as they are an adult, and age 4 or over. If it's a V3 well I'm new with V3s and I haven't gotten married yet, so I can't help you with that. Regards, *Tweety*
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    Hey I'm a newby

    Hello Skippy K. and welcome to! I hope you enjoy your stay here! Just to let you know, although tamatalk does involve chatting, fun and games, tamagotchi help, and lots of other fun things you also have to follow the tamatalk rules created by Admin, the owner of this website! To see...