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  1. Yuki Frost

    Do you remember your first tama?

    I still have my first one actually! I think that with the exception of furbies it was one of the toys I was the absolute most excited for. It was 2016, so the tamagotchi friends had just come out and I was in the 5th grade. I remember I would get really excited when the ad for them came on TV. ...
  2. Yuki Frost

    Tamagotchi p!x screw alternative

    Please excuse any spelling errors or just weirdness in how I type. I haven’t been breathing good for over 3 months now and I am really starting to see the effects. I have a serious type of asthma where I am baisically never breathing normally. It can be made worse by extreme emotion or other...
  3. Yuki Frost

    P!x camera usage

    I am making a guess that this is the right place to put this but honestly I don’t know if it is.  Anyway I want to pre order a tamagotchi P!x because tamagotchis usually sell out really quickly in my area. I also live in a rural area so stores don’t get deliveries more than like once a month...
  4. Yuki Frost

    Weird tama ocean problem

    I already attempted changing the batteries and unfortunately thar didn’t do anything to help. Thank you though ^.^
  5. Yuki Frost

    Weird tama ocean problem

    I’ve had a few problems with my Ocean before but they usually just sort of resolve themselves.    When I got the tamagotchi the screws were beyond stripped (not helped by my family having no chill and shoving whatever they thought would get the thing open in said screws when the batteries died...
  6. Yuki Frost

    Tamagotchi Pix?

    A lack of buttons shouldn’t cause me too much issue once I figure out where they are and am sure to keep the sound on. That’s how I use my phone but tamas tend to have way less buttons. It does kinda make me sad though because I find the buttons add to the charm of them. 
  7. Yuki Frost

    Tamagotchi Pix?

    I’m not big on adding photo taking to tamagotchi if I’m honest. I’m blind and the newer tamas are getting increasingly harder to use and it’s making me kinda sad. This is just going the problem worse.  I’m also not super big on a tamagotchi social network given the intended demographic. The...
  8. Yuki Frost

    What's your holy grail tama?

    With the exception of the tamagotchi nano and some releases such as TamaOchi (nanos are too small and TamaOchi is just kind of deeply to me) my goal is to get and raise every tamagotchi release to adulthood.    Because I just finished raising an Ocean my brain would love it if I got a Garden...
  9. Yuki Frost

    thoughts on nanos?

    I think the licensed ones are kind of cool. I won’t get any unless they make one with a property I already like/am familiar with. I won’t be getting an original nano; however, I’ll have a hard time using it because of my lack of vision. I’d prefer to get a full sized P1/P2.
  10. Yuki Frost

    Help getting tamagotchi ocean backplate out wine screws are stripped

    Ok so awhile ago I made a post about asking what kind of screwdriver to use when trying to get the batteries out of a Japanese Tamagotchi ocean. Apparently the reason the JIS screwdriver didn’t work was not because I got the wrong one, but because my grandma was worried about the batteries...
  11. Yuki Frost

    Help getting backplate off of tamagotchi ocean or other vintage tamagotchi

    We got the screwdriver however that still has not worked. The backplate is still firmly in place.
  12. Yuki Frost

    Help getting backplate off of tamagotchi ocean or other vintage tamagotchi

    Ok good to know!! I’ve had problems with newer tamagotchi and batteries so my nerves are always pretty high. That’s so much !!
  13. Yuki Frost

    Help getting backplate off of tamagotchi ocean or other vintage tamagotchi

    The Batteries of my tamagotchi ocean have officially died. This is the oldest tamagotchi I have and the screws seem smaller than the newer ones; however, I am blind and cannot tell. What sized screwdriver do I need? Anybody have any tips on getting them out? How quickly do I need to get the...
  14. Yuki Frost

    Tamagotchi ocean hatch.

    Day 3 Tama died due to a polar bear attack in history 
  15. Yuki Frost

    Tamagotchi ocean hatch.

    Day 2 This will be the only update for today. My Study hall teacher got distracted by Tama and took him for the day so I don’t really know what’s going on there. My ex-girlfriend and I have officially claimed duel custody of Ocean with me. I still technically own it but she wants to be a part...
  16. Yuki Frost

    Tamagotchi ocean hatch.

    Day 1 7:30 AM: About a month ago I got a Tamagotchi Ocean for my birthday. It just died (again) and while I am aware that they are the hardest to raise, I figured I would log it to help anyone who needs it in the future and to get help myself. So far I think my most important finds is that they...
  17. Yuki Frost

    Tips for trying to raise a tamagotchi ocean

    I recently got a tamagotchi ocean for my birthday. It wanted the challenge but have officially realized I’m in way over my head. It’s been almost a month with I do t know how many deaths and 0 successes. Any tips are greatly appreciated.