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  1. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    Anybody here still active on Neopets since the site changes?

    I mean, I have a fairly new account, but I'm not super mega active on it. My hyperfixation on it died down when I got into new things.
  2. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    Raising Three Tamas At Once (Ongoing)

    Day Two! Figured it was a good time for an update. All three Tamas have grown into toddlers. Nothing crazy happened otherwise. I have found out, however, that if one Tama gets sick, they all do. If one gets hungry, they all do. This is probably just because they were all set up at the same...
  3. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    Raising Three Tamas At Once (Ongoing)

  4. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    Raising Three Tamas At Once (Ongoing)

    Seeing as two people reacted to my previous thread, I've decided to log and document my attempt at raising all of my Tamagotchis at the same time, restarting them and letting them all beep at me for attention. I will update this thread daily or whenever something interesting happens. Feel free...
  5. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    I think I may have found the Tamagotchi I had when I was younger!!

    Of course, It might not be exact, I thought I remembered the gradient being top to bottom, not at an angle. Still, very cool!! I'm considering keeping a close eye on this one to see if someone on ebay or something sells it at a lower price, as I am currently B R O K E lol
  6. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    I don’t have time to take care of my tamagotchi, it’s hard to during school.

    I'm in high school, so our schools may have different restrictions, but as long as I have my Tamas on silent I'm allowed to have them on my person, and even on my desk. I even had a few teachers point them out positively. Then again, I only have re-releases of Gen 1s and Gen 2s, so I just kind...
  7. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    I got some Sea Monkeys

    excited!! huuugeee thanks to my mom for picking me some up when all I asked her to do was get me a little more fabric for a project since she was going into town and I was at school. Anyways, I'm going to try to get the water beginning to purify today. I'm very excited! I did a crap ton of...
  8. GlitchyMaskedVoid


  9. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    What are you listening to now?

    a friend rant about Hollow Knight
  10. GlitchyMaskedVoid


    NO WAAAAAYYYYY!! Dude you have no idea how much I love furbies, man. I've been gathering furbies since I was, I THINK, 6??? I don't know. But WHAAATTT!!!
  11. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    Count to ZZZ,ZZZ!

    I have no idea how this works
  12. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    Count to ZZZ,ZZZ!

  13. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    Finally back after my 10000 year hiatus

    Merry Return Day!!
  14. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    Tamagotchi Connection (any version) Fall group hatch 2023!

    Augh I wish I could join but I don't have a Connection yet
  15. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    Tama tips and tricks

    Mute your og Tamagotchis during school so they don't die at home and also put them on a necklace because it looks cool
  16. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    new to tamatalk!

    I currently have, for Gen 1, the black and purple flame shell (as quoted from an Ebay listing,) and this cool honeycomb one with transparent plastic, and for Gen 2 I have this cool comic looking one. I'll have to post pictures some time
  17. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    new to tamatalk!

    I'm jealous of your current collection lol. How many of the ogs do you have? I'm trying to get at least ten but I only have three right now lol
  18. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    I'm About to Hatch **ALL** of my Tamagotchis at the Same Time

    I'm going to get started whenever I finish homework for today, but basically I'm going to restart all of my dead Tamagotchis (because I accidentally restarted one before I wanted to so a paused it I don't LIKE PAUSING GAAHHH) at the same time, set them all at the same time, and have them all...
  19. GlitchyMaskedVoid

    P1 Rerelease Shell Replacement / Custom

    Ooh another thing, have you checked Etsy?