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  1. FrugalGamer

    New Giga Pet StarCat/CompuKitty combo

    I can't say I've ever tried to rouse them from a deep sleep, but usually my StarCat wakes up at about 8/9 AM or so. The black screen with Zs on it is the sleeping screen, so that's not unusual, but if it stays on that and won't let you wake it up later in the day I'd suspect it's stuck. You...
  2. FrugalGamer

    Forgotten vintage tamagotchi clones - searching

    Oh wow, that's really different! The case is really similar to the PenPy pets, but I've never seen the garden or puppy varieties. Have you ever run this one, and if so, do you have any screenshots? Sometimes you can identify what programming it's running that way. Yeah, I've never seen the...
  3. FrugalGamer

    I drew my Tama

    Your drawings are so cute! I would miss him too. Actually I was really surprised by the album function on the Pix, because I didn't know it had that until I said goodbye to my first one. I love that they included it because I get really sentimental about mine too.
  4. FrugalGamer

    my English p2 is now a Japanese p1!?

    I'm curious, were you accidentally holding down any buttons when you reset it the first time? Some devices have a "debug mode" that will activate on start up if, for instance, the A and C buttons are held down at the same time. Just a thought.
  5. FrugalGamer

    Super Gyaoppi Duck log - comments OK

    I'm so glad you were able to get the pet you missed from your childhood! And I'm also super jealous of that screen. Mine too (which always dies after a few minutes) has a very faded screen, and yours has pixels that look beautifully clear.
  6. FrugalGamer

    Tamas are AWESOME

    These are so cute! Do you know the name of the big one on the right?
  7. FrugalGamer

    Doraemontchi unlockables?

    I've checked my notes on this, but it doesn't seem like I have any more info on it than you do, so I'm sorry I can't offer anything. I've archived the translated directions from Tamasquare (which is no longer online), and they had question marks on the three gadgets you mentioned, so it doesn't...
  8. FrugalGamer

    Who else thinks Bandai should make a Invader Zim Tamagotchi?

    Honestly I think GigaPets would be a better company for this. Invader Zim was sort of too "edgy" for Bandai I feel like, and GigaPets has always kind of been the king of franchised tie-ins. I don't think anyone would do it, but if they did, it would absolutely NEED to have a Gir version. I...
  9. FrugalGamer

    GeGeGe No Kitaro Bandai Virtual Pet Instructions

    Thank you for sharing these! I don't have one of these but I find it really interesting. I ran these through Google Translate just in case anyone is curious about what they may say.
  10. FrugalGamer

    Karugamoland (Tamakaci) duck virtual pet- comments ok

    That sleeping animation is beyond cute! Did this come with any info about who made the pet? I found some pics of a similar one online and the back didn't have any info on it. Just curious if this was a line or just some dollar store type thing.
  11. FrugalGamer

    How do I keep my tama safe!

    I usually keep mine in a little padded pouch in my backpack, just to make sure they're protected. The matching lanyards are cute and all, but I don't trust them to swing around and not get damaged.
  12. FrugalGamer

    beginner mistakes you have made when you first played with tamagotchis?

    I never did know about the pausing trick when I was younger, so I gave it to a family member to keep an eye on when I was at school. It died :(
  13. FrugalGamer

    Introducing Myself

    Hello everyone in Tamaland! I've lurked here for a while, but decided I ought to go ahead and get signed up for an account and everything. I spend most of my time with odd pets and Giga Pets, but my first was a Tamagotchi gen1 and I still love them. I'll probably put up a comprehensive list of...