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  1. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Fake Tamagotchi

    It's a "Bunny ROM" type fake. They are very common. I don't think they have any connection features, and the status is the first icon, it's highlighted in the image. The chest is where you can see your items that you have bought at the shop, and you can use them to change your pet to a different...
  2. Burnt_Marshmallow

    How to keep a Morino's weight up?

    I don't think care mistakes really matter for evolution on the morino. You can also fill all of your tamagotchis happiness hearts by avoiding predator attacks, so refrain from playing games, and mainly feed it the second food option (the seeds/cherries/chestnut) since that increases weight by 2.
  3. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Tamagotchi in a walk

    Could it be one of the Jonny Pets? Those ones had a walk feature where your pet could go out on a stroll, and it could run away if you sent it out with low stats. I'm pretty sure it's the same thing as the Nakamichi Pet Penguin Keeper mentioned, but there are other Jonny type pets other than the...
  4. Burnt_Marshmallow

    What was this dinopet branded as in 1997?

    Posting again, I think it might be a Gyaoppi. The dinosaur on the shells looks almost identical to the ones here.
  5. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Trying to find an EXTREMELY obscure Vpet...

    It's a shame this was fake, but it does sound cool! You really put in your research in making the story, it actually sounded real. I'd really like that idea, I've never seen people make custom versions of oddpets before! You should make a thread about this. (I didn't know the MGA baby even...
  6. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Trying to find an EXTREMELY obscure Vpet...

    I've seen a lot of Oddpets, and unfortunately, I haven't seen or heard of anything like this. Maybe you could go to the Tamagotchi Facebook group and ask if they recognize it?
  7. Burnt_Marshmallow

    the media's views of tamagotchi?

    Honestly, the media's views on Tamagotchi have always been "90s toy that poops and dies" in the west. This is purely speculation on my part, but because of how popular they were in the 1990s, that became what they were most known for. Tamagotchi's haven't been as popular in the west then they...
  8. Burnt_Marshmallow

    What was this dinopet branded as in 1997?

    Can you show some gameplay of it? That could give us a better idea of what it could be.
  9. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Rarest Tamagotchi?

    It's so interesting how many different variations of Tamagotchis are there! On a similar topic, I wonder if there are any specific language Tamagotchis that are particularly rare to find?
  10. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Help me locate this dino-pet from 1997.

    I'm glad I helped you! :) I also found some more information about the Bobby 2 as well. I found that it also goes by the name Unisaur as well. I actually managed to find mention of one of an old log on here a while ago. The Unisaur specifically has the Avon Dino programming (and I'm pretty sure...
  11. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Looking for an Electronic Pocket Chicken (Hitorikko type vpet)

    I found a video of it! The baby stage is identical to the picture you posted. I looked on ebay and I found a few that might be it.
  12. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Help me locate this dino-pet from 1997.

    I know this one! It's an Avon Dino Watch! There's a video of it here. The video also says something about there being dog and cat versions, but I haven't seen them. I hope I helped you find it. :)
  13. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Rarest Tamagotchi?

    Another thing to add about the Hana Hana Mi, the male version is much more rarer than the female from what I've heard, so it's harder to have to breed them together. There is a way around this however and a female can breed without a male. There's a more detailed guide on that here.