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  1. leogames2012

    Upgrade Tamatalk to 4.5

    Invision 4.5 is Here and You could be Ready to Upgrade that to 4.5 Here´s a list of Improvements New Admin Panel Club Pages RSS Feed Improvement Invite and Referrals Improved Club Pages Blog Categories Simple Stock Image Picker Search Insights Security Enhancements...
  2. leogames2012

    Modern Browsers Doesnt Show The Favicon while Classic Browsers like IE11 Can

    Favicon Do Show on IE11 and Classic Browsers But Chrome and Modern Browsers Cant!
  3. leogames2012

    Theme the Forum Because Halloween is Comming

    Halloween is Comming and We need to Theme the Forums to Halloween like Every People is doing with their Sites.
  4. leogames2012

    Say NO To Stickfigures

  5. leogames2012

    Miraheze or Fandom (Formerly Wikia)

    What is Better? Miraheze Or Fandom? They are Both Wiki Farms But I Want to see your Choice-
  6. leogames2012

    I Want a Mutsu!

    I Want it! Is there?
  7. leogames2012

    Turn The Tamagotchi Memorial Be Able to Post Again?

    It seems That The Forum Redesign Made The Tamagotchi Memorial Read-Only But People Want to do it so Turn that Sub-Forum be Able to Post Again.
  8. leogames2012

    Are you watching The Triplets?

    Dont Know? Here: Are you Watching it?
  9. leogames2012

    Tamatown Site Acquired?

    I Acessed Site But it was acquired  By the Bad Tamagotchi Fans. But Why?
  10. leogames2012

    One of my Mom´s Favorite Songs of the 80s (Childhood) Becomed a Meme

    Im so Sad! :( One of My Mom´s Favorite Song of the Childhood in the 80s Has Become a Meme. It was The Song Of RickRoll and It was Turned into a Meme due to Some People Thinking it was a meme :( Why?
  11. leogames2012

    Tamatalk Nostalgia: You Do not have Sense of Humor!

    In 2013. When The Dommer Said It Has been Copy-pasted A Million of times. He Angrily Said That He do not Have a Sense Of  Humor. Here is the Conversation Orandatchi Boy, do I love chicken strips. Sometimes, when I’m home alone, I’ll take some chicken strips fresh out of the oven...
  12. leogames2012

    Toondoo´s Message Regrading the Security Breach

    Adios from and have been shut down permanently, effective immediately. On November 11, 2019, we became aware that an unknown third party gained an unauthorized access to which resulted in a security breach. We currently believe that this breach...
  13. leogames2012

    Transform This Forum into a Social Media?

    So... We are in the Age of Social Media and Phones. Forums Are In decline and Social Medias Comes out. Because You are Still Running a Forum. Many People Left this Forum Due to Social Media and Stuff! The Cause May be Spam Relating to Forum That Havent Done this. So I Recommend You to Close...
  14. leogames2012


  15. leogames2012

    Brazil is Not in the List of The Stadia Country List?

    After Being Not Able to Sign Up I Decided To Talk with the Google Support Agent. We Talked About Brazil Not Being In The Country List and Kid Games! The Support Chat Log Is at the Below Quote This Time It isnt About Harassing People! (I Know Its Looks Like Personal Info But if You want. Delete...
  16. leogames2012

    Team Stories Again?

    Ok. Team Stories is A Little Empty Recently... So We need to Change it The Theme will be Like Something you Have heard (Not relating to Tamagotchi) If You want To Join? Tell me
  17. leogames2012

    Should the Bump Rule Be Removed?

    Its getting Annoying for me!😡🤬 :angry:
  18. leogames2012

    Go Go Tamagotchi Eletronic Comics is Now on Sale!

    The "GO GO♪ Tamagotchi!" series of electronic comics is now on sale! Dr. Yascone's "GO GO ♪ Tamagotchi" and "GO GO ♪ Tamagotchi!" series are available online. Now on sale★☆ Enjoyable short comics by Tamagotchi, including Mamecchi, Memecchi, and Kuchipachi, can now be read on smartphones and...
  19. leogames2012

    Rename Jabber tO XMPP

    As Everyone Does Know The Obsolete IMS Were Removed,XMPP And Skype Were kept But There is a Little problem. XMPP Is still Reffered as Jabber even though The jabber is now XMPP.  Can you Rename Jabber to XMPP?