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  1. Dame

    How has the pandemic treated you?

    Hi, I was looking for some threads to reply to, but most were very old and I didn't want to revive them... How has the pandemic been for you? Have you got into anything because of it? I am now dieting/exercising, although I wish I would have started it way before this year. I didn't do much...
  2. Dame

    Dame's Diary

    Hi! This is a first for me, doing any type of game log. My name is Dame, and I played Tamagotchis when they originally came out, but never that much. I now am busying myself with my Magic Blue Tamagotchi On. Currently: Hoshipontchi ♂ (First in run) Other things to note: I am nocturnal, so...
  3. Dame


    Hi! I am new to the site, although I have visited before to find some information. As a kid, I had a Tamagotchi and a Digimon one, I only ever got far in the Digimon one (after I got Gabumon, finally). In 2014, I decided I wanted to try to get into Tamagotchis again, and pre-ordered a Fairy...
  4. Dame

    Bigger cover photo image size limit

    Hi all! I joined today, and am filling out my profile. Apparently, the cover image photo limit size is 69kb, which is impossibly small for such a large area to cover, without using poor quality images. It'd be great if this was updated with the times. Thank you, Dame.