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  1. Nazotchi25

    Sinister Intentions

    Have you ever purposely used someone else for your own personal gain? Are some people around you just pawns you send out so your queen can attack without worry? (Chess metaphor) This is just mainly a curiosity of mine. Personally, I enjoy having people do work for me or spilling information...
  2. Nazotchi25

    Mario Kart 8

    I've seen the Nintendo Direct and the gameplay. I seen the features of the game and the list of characters. Even before all those I really wanted this game. I don't even have a Wii U yet, but do plan on buying one. Probably as a bundle with the game packed in it. How about all you fine...
  3. Nazotchi25

    French Tamagotchi?

    I've wondered this for quite a while, so I decided to ask. So, have there ever been a tamagotchi version translated into french before? It wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't. :P But if there was i'd like to find one :D
  4. Nazotchi25

    What are the songs?

    While playing Pokémon X i've noticed when doing online battles you have a choice of 11 songs. But which songs are they? i know song 6 is Team Flare battle and song 7 is Lysandre's battle theme.
  5. Nazotchi25

    Draw my Teethy

    Hello potential artist of Tamatalk! I want to view how other people would view my character Teethdude (or Teethy) in their mind, and how it would happen to come out on paper or something. This isn't a contest, its more of a curiosity of mine to see how other people view my sweet little...
  6. Nazotchi25

    Tamatalk and Tamagotchis... our friends

    I remember a time, when i woke up in the morning. Quickly logged into, and had a feeling of a race to be the first one, with the best answer to someone's tamagotchi question. It was a small pleasure to feel this sort of.. Helpful feeling. There was even a whole summer i could...
  7. Nazotchi25

    Badge Conflict?

    What would happen if someone was an angelgotchi member or something, and then they got promoted to a guide or admin position? Would it overwrite the badge? would there be two badges? this is something that's puzzled me for years and decided to ask now. :P
  8. Nazotchi25

    looking for a certain song, need loads of help

    its been months, and alone i couldn't find it, What am i looking for? simple, im looking for a song titled: The Horn of Plenty (aka Panem National anthem) but im looking for certain version, im looking for the arena version, the one that plays when it shows the dead tribute, it sounds like...
  9. Nazotchi25

    Stuff we make?

    We have topics forums for things we like to watch or listen or write, but there isn't anything for things that we physically make with our hands, say for example a Model of a car, or a volcano, or that treehouse in your backyard your dad helped you build. members could post pictures of those...
  10. Nazotchi25

    Smart Internet use

    Internet Safety is always an important thing to have, and its not really all that difficult, it all has to do with your own choices. First off, the number one thing that you should never ever do, is post personal information. Usually a first name is okay, but don't give out your full...
  11. Nazotchi25

    Where to get them?

    Where does the Tamagotchi P sold? Japan only? America? Europe? And how could i buy one? i really want one, it looks so amazing!!! :D
  12. Nazotchi25

    Pokemon honor feeling

    not sure why but whenever i battle Pokémon trainer Red, it always feels like some great honor to battle him, must be his power, i dunno. anyone else ever feel this way?
  13. Nazotchi25

    Minecraft Server Idea: Good or Bad?

    My brother and I own a server (don't ask to join from my topic) it has been running for nearly a year now and things are getting stale (boring) and fiery (people are arguing and picking on each other In real life like at school) So my brother and I did some thinking, and a conclusion was to...
  14. Nazotchi25

    Ima back from 6-week summer camp!

    that was a long but pretty fun time at HMCS Acadia Cadet summer trainning camp in which i was doing a band course. i played a tenor saxophone, and learned how to play "don't stop beleiving" and "call me maybe" on it :D
  15. Nazotchi25

    Minecraft updates for V1.3

    Minecraft has LOADS of new features and updates coming for the next version of it (1.3) Here is a list for anyone wishing to know. Planned release date=unknown. Version Planned Changes Planned Release Date Major versions 1.3 General Large amount of internal...
  16. Nazotchi25

    Glitch on v3

    this glitch you should be aware of when using a V3 if you have any Parents in the list never delete any friends, or it will make the parent disappear. it will make them disappear in random order. example: you could have 3 parents in the list, Parent 2 disappears and now the list will cycle...
  17. Nazotchi25

    Teen baby?

    this happened years ago on my friends V3 and i just remembered it now okay, my friend connected his two v3s till they mated so it gave birth had a Female Telechi, then had a Hikotchi!!! so the Hikotchi jumped to the Father's house and was still in his Teen form after the parents left the...
  18. Nazotchi25

    Emoticon making suggestions

    im not sure where this would have fell into, but if it needs to be moved please do so. * Topic moved to Fun Stuff * i have become quite well in image editing when it comes to pixel art, which is the small art made pixel by pixel. the emoticon GIFs are pixel by pixel art which im good at. all...
  19. Nazotchi25

    My love, forever.

    Two people with similar life problems, similar intrest, similar TV series that were liked. with the only major diffrence in those two people being Gender, and past she being the one who moved around alot, parents split, then living with mother and step-mother, but for mutiple reasons being...
  20. Nazotchi25

    a cool idea of mine

    me and my friend are making a minecraft server, we already have ideas out there: spleef arenas, mall, contest, but i also have another: a survival contest sort of in the style of The Hunger Games. :D OPs and Admins as Gameskeepers. several contestants. we already have a HUGE arena made but...