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  1. WackyWitch

    How to make costumized characters for the 4U?

    Hi! I found out that there are tools to costumize your own character for the 4U but I have no Idea how to use it I would love to make a Ura Violetchi or Hyottokotchi for the 4U but I have no Idea how to do so. Does somebody know how to use it? Or maybe a way to ask mr. Blinky if he/she...
  2. WackyWitch

    Getting Tamagotchi smart cheap

    Hi, I don't know if this is the right thread, if not please move it to that or tell me which is. But I just wanted to ask if any of you know where I can buy a Tamagotchi smart cheap. Like around 50€ - 60€. I once saw one on eBay but it just vanished and I just find the smart nowhere except...
  3. WackyWitch

    Adventures of Aka-Chan and Yaboo (and Morino)

    23th of December Today I resetted my entama and had a female mame baby. I tried to name her Aka-chan and plan to turn her into a Maidtchi! I think this Tama is just cute! My Morino died this morning, which is why I had to restart it. Unfortunately, I cannot show a picture because it...
  4. WackyWitch

    First log!

    Hi! I just wanted to say that for the first time in my life I started making a log! Which I suddenly started on Instagram in German haha 🥲😅 but I just totally forgot to post it here... I'm sorry :( But now I gonna post the two first logs with date here so that you know when everything...
  5. WackyWitch

    Weight gain and Playing (Morino)

    Heya! I started playing with my Morino again. I found out good care and weight gaining is the key and well for good caring this also includes also keeping the happy hearts up. But the problem is if we play games on the morino we lose weight but to get a different character weight is...
  6. WackyWitch

    Do You take your Tamas with you when going outside?

    This my is a dumb and/or weird question. Because normally I think most people take their Tamsgotchis with them when going out (Except work... Maybe?) But I ask because I am currently running 4 Tamsgotchis. And I usually do also take all of them with me. Now I wanna know if you are playing with...
  7. WackyWitch

    Changing Temperature on Morino

    I got myself a little while ago a Morino Tamagotchi. I choose the white egg and it's the first time playing with it. I am in the cocoon stage currently. And I can't figure out how to change the temperature. Because if I click on either hot or cold, the thermometer doesn't go higher or lower. Can...
  8. WackyWitch

    Violetchi for the music star

    (Sorry for being very inactive :-'( )  I saw people before having the same problem that's why I first checked everything I found before open this topic again.  It's about getting violetchi on the music star. I just don't manage to get her! I once had a chamametchi which I really try to neglect...
  9. WackyWitch

    Losing downloaded characters on 4U

    I would really like to know if I reset my 4U if I will lose all the characters I downloaded. I really would like to raise a Violetchi I downloaded but my Tamagotchi is currently a boy so I can't. But besides this, except for the Items I lose will I also lose the games and rooms I downloaded if I...
  10. WackyWitch

    Is there are specific time for Marketchi (TMGC 4U)

    I'm currently running my Tamagotchi 4U and wanna get a Himespetchi. I need the swirly glasses for this but marketchi just won't Appear. Is there any specific time were marketchi Shows up. Or a method to meet her. I really want those glasses ;w;  I'm thanking you for every help/respond I get 
  11. WackyWitch

    How to get Ura Violetchi

    Hello I'm new her 😊 I'm currently playing a Tamagotchi v. 4.5 and I'm really would like to know how to get a Ura Violetchi. My little Tamagotchi is in the child stage and is a Hitodetchi. What could I do that it will evolve to a Ura young Violetchi amd then to Ura Violetchi? I mean I once...