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  1. TamagotchiLover16

    Tamagotchi 365 Day Challenge Loge Part 4 (Days 102 - 200)

    See ya tomorrow
  2. TamagotchiLover16

    Tamagotchi 365 Day Challenge log: Days 67 - 100

    Day 66.5 for days 67 -100
  3. TamagotchiLover16

    25 Years of Tamagotchi!!!

    Hi everyone. Today marks the 25th Anniversary of Tamagotchi. Let's celebrate :angry::angry::angry: Vintage Era 1996: Tamagotchi P1 (Japan) 1997: P2 (J/US)/ P1 (US)/ Angel (Japan)/ Mesutchi and Osutchi/ Mothra/ Genjitchi/ 1998: Angel (US)/ Ocean (J/US)/ Morino (Japan/ Cancelled in USA)/...
  4. TamagotchiLover16

    Tamagotchi Pix Xmas Log

    Coming soon. See you on Christmas Eve for Day 0.5
  5. TamagotchiLover16

    RIP Ratchi

    We say a final farewell to Ratchi in Tamagotchi ON. He passed while I was at school. Fly high...
  6. TamagotchiLover16

    Tamagotchi 365 Day Challenge Log Part 2 (Days 21 - 60)

    This is where Days 21 - 60 will go. stay tuned
  7. TamagotchiLover16

    Digimon Ver 1. On scratch

    I am working on making a Digimon Ver. 1 1997 on the coding website called Scratch. I will give you the link when it's released
  8. TamagotchiLover16

    TamagotchiLover16's Tamagotchi P1

    Days 1-10 I bought a Tamagotchi P1 Majestic from BJs while shopping with my dad. I hatched it and it was a babytchi. I showed it to my brothers and it was amazing. The game was hard though. 65 minutes later, I got marutchi. I paused my Tamagotchi multiple times due to school Then... a few...
  9. TamagotchiLover16

    TamagotchiLover16’s Tamagotchi ON Log

    Yo! TamagotchiLover16 here. The reason I resetted my toy is because I wanna start a log.                     Tamagotchi ON LOG: Day 1   I setted up everything and I have a Lovekotchi now.