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    The mysterious european Tamagotchi...

    I often  check tamapalace. Two or three days ago the design of a new tamagotchi leaked. It came from a european institution, don't remember if it was for safety or intellectual property. The next day, the post disappeared. Did someone knows something about that?
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    New p1 and p2 shell design for the UK
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    New demon slayer nanosたまごっち&qid=1602782840&s=specialty-aps&sr=8-9&srs=3534638051...
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    New p1-p2 shell design

    Bandai will release four new p1-p2! (Rerelease of the others 90's tamagotchis please!!!!)
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    Tamagotchi morino, how to change the température ?

    Hello my tama is in cocoon stage. But i cant find a way to change the temperature? Ok I found out! If someone can erase this thread!
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    European market

    Tamagotchi seems to sell well and are dynamics in the japanese and us/Canadian markets, so, in your opinion, why did bandai left the european, australien market?
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    Tamagotchi on: only boys... who look like girls

    I have a tamagotchi on and the 4 générations of tamagotchi i have are boys. The thing is that they wear dress and have big lashes. I don't have problème with that. But i want a girl and each time i think i finally have a little princesse but. .. no, despite the apparencies it's a boy! Is it...
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    Tamagotchi on: a success?

    Hello I am french person and I really hope bandai will release the tamagotchi on here. But I think it must be a success un the us, Canada and korea first. From here it's hard to estimate and find informations about the public reception in those countries. So what  do you think, did the on provoc...