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    I'm sure everyone knows wat monster is, right? Anyway, here, post your favorite and least favorite types of the drink :kuribotchi: mY favorite is Monster Assult, and my least favorite is original.
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    My "friend" Jacob, told a bunch of people that i'm emo on Friday. He came up with it because I have a cut on my wrist from my dog. Now everyone in my school thinks i'm emo and suicidal. Hw should i get rid of the rumors. Plz Help Richard8777
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    Square Dancing

    I was just wondering if any of you had to do square dancing at your school. We had to the week before spring break started. It was fun, and I normally got paired up with girls that are my friends. But on Friday, the Gym teacher let the girls choose who there partner was. Then the girl I like...
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    Does she like me?

    Okay, there's a girl in my class, we'll call her P. We've known each other since first grade and were best friends for a while. We talk alot because we sit next to eachother in band and stuff. I need to know how to know if she likes me or not,but I don't want to ruin our friendship by asing her...
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    This is sick

    Alrite, i was watching this show called monsterquest,on the history channel. They were talking bout the soviet unions wierd cross breeding experiments. About halfway through the episode,they were talking about this guy named Dr.White(forgot first name) He wanted to see if he could take a...
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    My dad had to take my guini pig to get put to sleep this s'mornin. :mimitchi: he had a rash on his back,that we took him to the vet for,and the vet gave us some spray. But then the rash spread to his head,and he was bleeding all over,from itching the rash :mimitchi: The vet said it'd be...
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    Pokemon-Naruto Theme song

    Alright, it's the pokemon battle frontier themesong,but me and my brother changed some of the words,heres the original battle frontier one It's a battle win or lose, it's the friends you make,it's the rode you choose, you've got the right stuff,so make your mind up, find the courage inside...
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    My Poem

    Cry My best friend,you ask me why why im the kid,that never crys Why i never shed a tear,when anyone else is near its because my friend, noone needs to no, the hurt and pain inside me now, noone needs to know. You're wrong my friend,i have indeed cryed Beside my bed late at night All...
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    Okay,im 12,in 7th grade. There's this girl in my class that both me and my best friend really like. The problem is, i never get a chance to talk to her or anything. The only time we ever have a chance to talk is during Social Studies, but i can never think of anyway to start a conversaion with...
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    How many pets do you have,and what kind are they? I have two dogs,Sheba and Bear. Sheba's a full grown german shepered,and Bear's a 8 month old Black Lab. I also have my Beta(fish) Dash. And i have my Guini Pig,carmel. And last but not least,i have my cat lucky. He's ten years old and fully black.
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    Anyone else here play Runescape?
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    Does anyoe here have OCD?

    Does anyone here have OCD? for those of you who don't knoe,it's like a glitch in the brain. I'm not really sure how to explain it,but heres an example: You get ready to go to bed,and you set your alarm clock. If you have OCD,over the nigh you may have to check your alarm clock many times...
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    Okay,there's this girl i really like. I'm going to ask here out on Monday,should i ask her out face to face,or have 1 of my friends do it for me,or what? I need help :D lol
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    Has anyone seen the Itachi vs. Sasuke episodes,i'm going to talk about them here Here's the third Newest; Roar! Chidori! Brother Vrs. Brother Description: Itachi's found Naruto, but Sasuke and Jiria have come to the rescue. But Sasuke's not going to save naruto and run away, He has...
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    I think it would great if we could have images in are siggys like in our avatars,just a suggestion ;)
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    What'd your tama turn into?

    My Tamagotchi went from a toddler Mizutarrachu into a teen Memetchi. How long will it take for her to turn into an adult?
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    Sup? I'm kinda new here I guess. Anyway,i had a V3,so will be able t help with that I just got a V4!!!
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    What kind of batteries does a V3 take,i think my battery's dead, On the screen it just shoes a recctange with an X through it,and i can't reset. Please help,i need the type of battery :unsure:
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    How do i reset?

    How do i reset my tamagotchi? i want to,but cant figure out how :angry: