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  1. KuchipatchiPod

    Akira's Mixed-Up Adventures (a m!x, PriChan oddpet, and an Evatchi (but mostly will focus on the Evatchi!) (and possibly more in the future!))

    Good luck on the Young Rei, I had an impossible time trying to get the Pac-Man buddy forms on my Pac-Man nanos so I can only imagine how hard it must be.
  2. KuchipatchiPod

    First TamaLog at the Atom Palace ⚜️ Entama

    I love the little drawing! Byebye, Kazue!
  3. KuchipatchiPod

    Pakka Pet Village Players?

    Hmm never heard of this before. Looks neat from the store page, installing now :)
  4. KuchipatchiPod

    On the Necessity of Pix Happiness

    I'd try to keep it around middle-level the whole time personally. I hate leaving it at 0 because they cry in the corner lmao. But I don't think it hurts it too much to leave it at 0 so that is one way to do it.
  5. KuchipatchiPod

    Blue charm on Tamagotchi Smart screen

    Is it just a decoration? I found it odd that it was in every single room design
  6. KuchipatchiPod

    ☆How many tamas are you currently running?☆

    If you love the Pix you will love the Pix Party, but it's pretty much the exact same thing. So if you're looking for something different and want to play aorund with the breeding and stuff, go with an ON. If you're wanting more of Pix fun or wanting to save money, try out the Pix Party for sure.
  7. KuchipatchiPod


    Kuchipatchi is a good choice for favorite ;)
  8. KuchipatchiPod

    Future Tama pix owner

    Probably, I got mine on amazon but I wouldn't doubt they sell them at Wal-Mart too.
  9. KuchipatchiPod

    ☆How many tamas are you currently running?☆

    The P1 died, the Pix ran out of batteries so I decided to retire it, so now I'm down to just the Smart :) (and the aforementioned Vital Bracelet)
  10. KuchipatchiPod

    Future Tama pix owner

    If you got the pink flower one, you're gonna need a frequent supply of batteries. Hope you got chargies! Remember to water your garden every day. I always forget mine and the fruits rot T_T Once they reach adulthood, remember to do training with them every day or else they may not get a...
  11. KuchipatchiPod

    Calling for MetaPals Beta Testers -- an upcoming virtual pet game on Chrome extension!

    I've signed up to be an early adopter. Interesting to try this out. Does that mean I'm in the beta or do I need to do something else?
  12. KuchipatchiPod

    P1 & P2 group hatch log

    Monika died today while I was taking a nap. Definitely hard to stay asleep with that SCREEEEEEECH Congrats, Dogfish!
  13. KuchipatchiPod

    Calling for MetaPals Beta Testers -- an upcoming virtual pet game on Chrome extension!

    There are a couple of us interested in web3 stuff (and by couple, I mean a literal 2 of us), but you'll find you get mostly backlash here, as is common in most communities TBH. Either way I'm curious about how your project plays out.
  14. KuchipatchiPod

    Better Late to say Hi than Never

    I'm also quite curious about knockoff pets, as I've only played with Tamagotchi brand myself. Kinda afraid to slip out into the world of other pets since there's so much and so much unknown out there. Welcome around :)
  15. KuchipatchiPod

    Hey! I'm the CEO of MetaPals, a new virtual pet game coming to a browser near you!

    This is probably just me stretching, but would your username happen to be a reference to early 90s WWF wrestler Max Moon?? I saw your ad and clicked it before, but I think it was a Chrome-exclusive thing so I couldn't try it out (I use Edge and Firefox and stay far, far away from Chrome XD)...
  16. KuchipatchiPod

    Excited to be here!

    Hello and welcome :) Moi :) I have been quite curious about the Connection Tamas, I had one in college but I barely remember it. Hope you enjoy your stay here ^^
  17. KuchipatchiPod

    What version should I make after Connection V1

    Morino is my favorite of those
  18. KuchipatchiPod

    ☆How many tamas are you currently running?☆

    My P2 died so I'm down to just 3 now. Unless you count the Digital Monster Vital Bracelet, which I'm always running.
  19. KuchipatchiPod

    P1 & P2 group hatch log

    Thanks for keeping track of this :) It will be fun to see who lives out the longest. I'm still trying to keep Monika alive. But I haven't been able to care for them as much as I would have liked (been going to sleep late and waking up late, so my Tamas get ignored for a few hours in the morning).