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  1. ChamametchiandMametchi

    I am planning to make my fursona become a fursuit when I get older...

    But what website does commissions and makes the suits like I want them?
  2. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Is the Bori an armadillo?

    I knew that it would be, but at first it looked like a lion/cat with an armadillo shell. Well, I was wrong.
  3. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Is the Bori an armadillo?

    I keep looking at my Bori (Xx_Ragga_xX), and I notice it looks like an Armadillo. It's just you think so too?
  4. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Miya-Chan, the Kokone Flower Fairy

    She should be a 4U downloadable set (Miya-Chan Set), comes with her character (Miya-Chan), a wallpaper designed for her alone (Kokone flower), and a special food (Flowery Mochi Creme). Imagine how it would really make this character stand out. ^^
  5. ChamametchiandMametchi

    All For Nothing

    Don't think like that. :( *hug*
  6. ChamametchiandMametchi

    I got Mametchi on my TF, but it wasn't what I wanted...

    Darn! I knew should have bought him a lot of food from the store...and yeah, I did give him a lot of care.
  7. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Bad Comebacks - A Game about comebacks that are bad and don't make sense.

    You didn't recently change it a few weeks ago.
  8. ChamametchiandMametchi

    I got Mametchi on my TF, but it wasn't what I wanted...

    I thought I was gonna get a Kuchipatchi (I fed him a lot of food), but I got Mametchi instead (which I'm glad I got him for my first time, though). What did I do wrong? Did I have to give him good care and give him different kinds of foods than the ones provided?
  9. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Egg character on V3?

    It could have been a small glitch. Try resetting it and pressing the Download option. It should go back normally. This hasn't happened to my V3, oddly enough.
  10. ChamametchiandMametchi

    TTS - Tamatalk Trade Station -pokemon-

    I'm trying to hope for a Shaymin. I don't care what its moveset, nature or IVs is. I just want it. XD
  11. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Hi,can someone help me with my new tamagotchi

    On the TF, they dropped the Discipline/Praise feature. The B button just makes it do animations when it calls you for no reason. They should have kept it, but on one of the functions...
  12. ChamametchiandMametchi

    The future of tamagotchi releases outside Japan? Your thoughts?

    I want at least ONE color Tamagotchi here in the U.S. I don't want to stick with a monochrome type. If they can't do it, then I'm getting a 4U off Amazon so I don't have to watch myself suffer. Bandai U.S. needs to back away from monochrome and get into color for about a year. Don't get me...
  13. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Tamagotchi 4U English App

    My S4 works too. It installed the .apk with no problems.
  14. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Tamagotchi 4U English App

    I have it, but I don't have a 4U to use it with... DX
  15. ChamametchiandMametchi


    About Me Name: N/A (Classified) Nickname: Sugary, Mini-Skrillex (considering the fact that I love him and that I want to shave my head. XD) Secret Superstar or Superhero Identity: I do not have one, sadly. Online Me! Email: Blog: IM: I game online at: (find me on...
  16. ChamametchiandMametchi

    It made me laugh...:)

    When my boo says "Apreesh". XD
  17. ChamametchiandMametchi

    It made me laugh...:)

    Here's what makes me laugh. Sonny Moore doing his Donald Duck impressions. I mean really, he does it spot on.