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    iD L secret characters question

    Omg! That's GREAT news! I thought I would never be able to collect these secret characters, so I am REALLY happy now! Btw, does this also work with connecting to the iD, P's or the +Color? (Or do you really need to connect to an iD L?)
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    iD L secret characters question

    Hi there! So if you want to complete all the 32 TamaTomos, you need to get all of the characters. But 2 of these are 'special characters' which you can only get by connecting to 6 different Tamagotchis.. So my question is.. Can't you just connect to one Tamagotchi, and then reset it and...
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    iD L secret characters question

    Thank you ichiro! This helped me a LOT!
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    iD L secret characters question

    On the iD L you can get secret characters (Im talking about Giragiratchi& Maisutatchi) by connecting 30 times to an other tamagotchi. Does this also work when you connect with a p's? Also the same question about getting the secret characters Madomnatchi and Hirotchi. You need to connect to...
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    Your Favorite Tamagotchi Version :)

    Right now my favourite is V5. But in a month my english iD L will arrive, and I think that will be my favourite from then on :) . (I still want to try Music Star too..)
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    20 Tamas for 20 days challenge? ;o

    Wow, good luck! I wish I had as many tamas as you, lol! I already have a hard time running 3 at the moment... :P
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    I'm waiting for a pink English iD L.. This is going to be my first color Tama! <3 I can't wait ^_^ I'm expecting it mid/late January.. So I have to wait a little bit more... :C
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    Question about Familitchi!

    So my family turned in to a petit family :( i had a Makiko and I want her back! Is there a way to get my old family back? Do i have to feed them a lot or something? help PLEASE. thx! :)
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    They're Baaaack...

    Omg!! I have a Puku, and these new versions have a Puku too!! i want one, this looks sooo cute.
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    Everyone Has An Opinion

    they cost like only 10$ here :D oh, and mostly i dont respect other opinions about pixel chix, sorry, but some people are just really rude and stuff.....
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    for all the pixel chix HATERS!

    i love it that pixel chix are so girly :D
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    The day I broke my Pixel Chix

    woow, that's so weird! i've never had that before o: sorry i can't help you.
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    Fake Pixel Chix by JD!

    Look! I've found a video of these is this really a product of JD? Because it really looks better then a JD rip off.. :) i think it does like cute!
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    please, people, sto posting how bad or boring pixel chix are... this is a forum called pixel chix talk, for the peoples who DO like pixel chix.. please leave if you don't like them
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    Fake Pixel Chix by JD!

    omg, i don't like these already! they look weird to me xD but, do i see a penguin? a girl and a penguin? okay.. that's sorta cool, i wish my pixel chix could have a penguin :D
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    whats the weirdest present you ever got?

    i think i never have got a present xD how do you give presents btw?
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    Pixel Chix

    woow thats awesome! i really love roomies, because its really big and there's alot to do ;) and rockin puppy is awesome!!
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    Where can you buy the pixel chix dollhouse?

    if you cant find them, you should go to they are there for really cheap
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    Beanie Babies 2.0, free account

    oh cool thank you ;)
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    Pixel Chix? What are they too you

    why don't you buy more? roomies, the babysitter, and hamsterz are really cool :furawatchi: