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    I want one problably when I get married, u know, with a husband or something. x]
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    iPods and iPhones

    i have an iphone :] i also have the newest ipod nano in green
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    Vending Machine Game ! [lots of fun]

    You get a peice of fingernail from George Bush! *inserts my fingernail*
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    What the?!

    lol.. That's so wierd...
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    Recalled Stuff From China...

    Yes, and yesterday in the news there were clothings too. I'm a Chinese, and is kind of funny how Americans is say Chinese stuff recalled and Chinese is saying Americans stuff are bad.
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    Weird fears!

    Hmmm....let's see: 1.Being in the public bathrooms alone 2.Auto toilet flushing 3.Being alone in the lift 4.Going to the bathroom at night 5.And insects that fly
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    change the background...

    Thanks for the post but then I'll never do it because the only thing I'll do to it is to break it.
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    Posion Warning

    I never chew on them...
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    Help Please!

    How do you insert a code they give you from e-Tamago into the Entama?? Please help!
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    V4s- what YOU need to know!

    Ummm...did it come out in the US yet?
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    Your worst fear...

    Oh yeah!! Same here! I don't even dare to look at dead people's scare!!
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    Your worst fear...

    *sigh...* Let me Start...(Is endless..) Spiders (ecspially black...widows) Scary Stories books...(Gaa...) Horror movies My mom's fart (Is loud, but it doesn't smell..wierd..) My dad's BREATH (You can hear it 1ft away.) Ugh..and more..
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    Youtube gets sued

    I agree. It's not Youtube that's making the video. Is the members... And Google buying Youtube is kinda old offense.
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    Favorite Songs

    Any songs from W-inds..or Keita Tachibana(Japanese) Fergralious-Fergie London Bridge- Fergie Smack That- Akon Any PCD songs.. Ridin White and Nerdy And more...
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    The smell of permanent markers..

    I like to smell the one from EXPO scents. The mint chocolate one smells gooood. Doesn't it make you high or something?
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    I got a Wii! ^_^

    Lucky! I was gonna get one for Christmas until I called every store and said they were sold out >.<
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    Bratz Cussing?

    I want that doll! I'll play it all night and annoy by brother. MWHAHAHA
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    XBOX 360 vs PS3 VS WII

    I was gonna get the Wii for Christmas too! But it was all out of stock T.T We called like every store! And now the PS3, how should I put this in a nice way, actually there is no nice way to explain how BAD an RETARDED the PS3 is. I have probally more that 100 ways to explain how much I hate it...
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    favourite ds games

    Uhh...let me start: Top 5: 1. Final Fantasy III 2. New Super Mario 3. Mario Basketball 4. Tamagotchi Corner Shops 1 & 2 5. Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan (The Japanese version) And the ones that wasn't so good... 1. AC:WW (I used to like it..but I guess I lost interest T.T) 2. Mario Kart...
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    Lucky in 2007? 2008? 2009?

    I already know this, and I'm born in the year of the pig. So, lucky 2007...I guess.