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    How old is to old...

    Yeah, I can say the same x3
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    Hai. I'm gonna ask for help xD I really want to do something with my hair. To make it not-like-it-is. xD It's short now. A little above my shoulder, maybe grazing it. It's brownishblackish black. And layered. With sidebangs that would be considered unsafe for driving. Anyway, I don't...
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    Far off goals

    Write something. Even if it only sells six copies. And move out. Like, soon. And be happy. But I'm not wishing that high. So, yeah. A piece of writing. Because there's nothing else I'm capable of. And Allie, I've been thinking. I maybe could be a counselor. Because I could maybe do that.
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    I feel guilty

    I know what you mean. And I hope, I really hope, that you believe me. And I love you. And I'm glad you care.
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    Interesting news.

    My friend's computer has a text-to-voice converter on her computer. She usues that. It's pretty sweet.
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    What Are You Wearing Right Now?

    Panic! At The Disco shirt. Skinny jeans. Black and white striped socks. There's a purple bow clip in my hair. I look a mess xD
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    How tall are you?

    I'm the same size as Allie. xD
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    What do you think

    @Divah- You're not just there to me. I hope you knew that.<3 @Nin- Yeah.<3
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    Online Friends.

    No. But I want to. Really bad. <3
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    What do you think

    After the whole Band Topic Fiasco, I don't really know xD
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    Who's your favorite Band?

    What kelsey said. And more. Loads more. xD But you knew that.
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    What are you listening to now?

    I'm singing What A Catch, Donnie. Hey Monday.<3
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    Crazy Stuff

    Rainbow knee-highs, large white feathered angel wings, spikey-ish hair, black shorts, and some random cereal shirt. And black Converse.
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    can people please stop

    I love all of your signatures. But I hope you knew that.
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    I love you. Like... A lot. Don't forget me, okay? &lt;3 Frick. I love you too.&lt;3 I love you. And those people Allie shouted out to... The ones I mentioned beofore? Yeah. I love you.&lt;3
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    I had that phase where I was obsessed with The Land Before Time xD
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    What Were You About To Be Named?

    I was going to be Connor or Rhiannon. But I got Alex. And that's okay. I feel the same. I'm on my way. And I say-     -shot-