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    TamaTalk Census

    Gender: Female Age group: Over 21 (25) Residence: US Relationship status: Married Religion: Atheist
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    What is your sexuality?

    I've gone back and forth with my sexuality for many, MANY years (10+, it's ridiculous). I've just kind of stopped trying to find the "proper" term. I don't really care anymore. I'm in a straight marriage, I'm attracted to my husband but otherwise I'm only attracted to women. So yeah. Label? No...
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    How did you meet your significant other?

    We met at a brony meet-up. You may laugh. Most do :P
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    User since 2005...anyone else around that year?

    2005 here although I only lurk occasionally.
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    Your First Shiny Pokemon

    The only shiny I've caught myself was the Gyrados from Lake of Rage in Silver. I've gotten the event Pichu and legendary dogs but I don't feel like those count either. Never been lucky enough to come across a shiny in the wild.
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    What did you do over the Summer?

    I haven't had Summer break yet. I get out of school on the 25th of this month and am off until the 20th of September. Not a long break but enough to catch up on sleep and veg for a bit.
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    That 70's Show

    I love that show X3 My favorite characters are Kitty and Red. Kitty reminds me a lot of my mom with her nervous giggle. For anyone interested in watching it on TV Teen Nick plays a few episodes every weeknight. They haven't aired the last season though :/
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    what was your favourite Cartoon growing up?

    Dexter's Lab(omelette du fromage. hehe.), Doug, Rugrats, Sailor Moon and Scooby Doo. I can't pick just one X3 Pretty much anything that aired on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network in the 90s.
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    What are you reading now?

    I'm about to start reading Spells by Aprilynne Pike. I just got done with Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott. Good book, definitely worth a read. It kept me hooked enough to read it in one 6 hour sit down.
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    Being put under happy gas

    Ohh yes. Nitrous is a good thing. I need it even for cleanings. I hate the dentist >.<
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    Which is more improtant? Money or Love?

    I hate to say it but money. Love can't pay the bills :/
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    Which Pokemon Black and White starter pokemon would you choose?

    For black I'm choosing Oshowatt and white Tepig. I always go for water starters and never fire so I figure I may as well give fire a chance.
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    Pokemon Black and White

    Source There is one, just not the one we're all used to ^^ As for myself I have both Black and White pre-ordered including the guide(I get lost and irritated too easily). I'll probably start black first with the water starter, then later start white with maybe the fire starter. I never use the...
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    what r u looking forward to?

    Pokemon Sunday and going back to school :3
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    Pokemon Black and White

    Celebi will be at GameStop on February 27 for the US. Not sure about other countries.
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    Pokemon Red Blue Yellow Gold Silver and Crystal

    The first one I played was Red at a friend's house. I had never heard of Pokemon before and just thought it was an amusing game. Shortly after playing hers I whined my mom into getting me one of the Gameboy Color/Pokemon bundles from Costco. I was in either fourth or fifth grade. I've owned...
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    KIRBY! :D

    It's a toss up between Epic Yarn and Super Star for the SNES.
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    I don't tan x.x I burn. I was tan when I was little from always being outside playing but now I'm extremely pale. We used to own a tanning bed and I used it from time to time but I almost always burned in it, even if I was only in for 4-5 minutes. I try to stay out of the sun but if I have to...
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    Are those owls? O:
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    Please Read This Topic!

    Does it have a camera? If not, it's not a DSi. It's either a DS Lite or a regular DS.