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  1. tamakitty710

    Dropping in to say hi again!

    Every now and again I come back to TamaTalk to check in on things, read some old posts, generally live up the nostalgia. It's so nice to see the site still active, plus all the other old users who come by to say hi again too. I joined way back in 2005 (I couldn't believe it's been 10 years!)...
  2. tamakitty710


    No, I have not, though two close friends of mine were obsessed with our Philosophy/Logic teacher. They would always think he was having an affair with the married French teacher. Very strange indeed.
  3. tamakitty710

    Laws to tackle the discrimination of fat people?

    This is a rather interesting topic. I haven't heard anything about there being laws against discriminating against the overweight... I agree with TamaMum about the times when people cannot help being overweight. Some people have a genetic disposition to being so. But how would we filter the...
  4. tamakitty710

    Moonlight War

    Name: Acie/Damien Age: Unknown / Unknown Gender: Female / Male Looks: / Side: creature/creature Creature or human: unrested neko ghost (doesn't have all ghost...
  5. tamakitty710

    Have you ever been at deaths door?

    One time (when I was around 9 years old) I was in a wave pool at a hotel. The wave pool was attatched to the lazy river, so a lot of people would go through it. I went in without an inner tube because it seemed like it would be more fun. I wanted to swim up towards the front because that's where...
  6. tamakitty710

    Do u wear make-up?

    I wear eyeliner and mascara... I wouldn't mind wearing eyeshadow but my mom refuses to let me wear it because she thinks it'll look like I have a black eye hehe..
  7. tamakitty710


    Heh... I have a black cat and the lion, and I want the raccoon. Black Cat ~ Doodles [My friend wanted me to name it that because I couldn't think of anything else x3] Lion ~ Barry If I get the raccoon I'll name it Emo. That's what some of the boys call me at school (emo raccoon) so I thought...
  8. tamakitty710

    Does Bandai make you Mad?

    Yes, about that a little... Mostly that they're having Tamagotchis go to their heads. They're forgetting the true purpose of a Tamagotchi. A little thing to do in your spare time that you check once and a while, not one that you have go to a job and stuff. They also got rid of all the classic...
  9. tamakitty710

    Whats your favourite clothing store?

    Ahh, Hot Topic love.... Definitely Hot Topic. I love the clothes there! And all the possible combinations.... I absolutely HATE Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle, etc. D:
  10. tamakitty710


    Yayy! I <3 Robot Chicken!! I have the season 1 DVD set... When is season 2? I haven't seen that many new episodes ;)
  11. tamakitty710

    My mom is freaking out about my clothes

    Thanks, Tigerlily013. I figured out a big reason why my mom doesn't like Hot Topic... It's REALLY expensive. I was calculating the outfit cost from above and it came up to around $178. I have that money from my birthday anyways, and my mom doesn't mind buying me clothes (she never does anyways...
  12. tamakitty710

    My mom is freaking out about my clothes

    Okay, well I'm gonna post an outfit that I like to wear and an outfit that I want to buy. Wear:: Black shorts with cut bottoms, black legwarmers, black shoes, black top with hood and two sewn-on light pink hearts. Buy:: Black shorts with chain or black skirt, black and white striped thigh-high...
  13. tamakitty710


    There are thunderstorm warning for where I live. I absolutely LOVE thunderstorms, but I want to know TamaTalkers' opinions on them :P
  14. tamakitty710

    My mom is freaking out about my clothes

    I don't have a whole lot of clothes from Hot Topic just yet, so my mom is really calm right now, but I keep wanting to go. I figured that before we go shopping I'll talk to her about it. With the Emo thing I'm kind of Emo I suppose, but not completely. I've had suicidal thoughts but I have a...
  15. tamakitty710

    My mom is freaking out about my clothes

    Thanks~~* My mom hasn't seemed all that worried lately, *thankfully*, but my friend is turning emo, and I'll be seeing her in a few days to go to a movie, so I don't know how my mom will react to me hanging out with "emo" people. She really likes my friend, and thankfully she's not judgmental...
  16. tamakitty710

    My mom is freaking out about my clothes

    Anyone? I would like some advice ;) ~tk710
  17. tamakitty710

    Chain letters religion based?

    My friend sent me a chain letter and I suddenly had a weird thought... I thought maybe chain letters were based on religion. I got this thought because: ::If you don't send it on, something bad happens to you. In some religions, if you sin, or if you aren't baptized, etc. you get sent to Hell...
  18. tamakitty710

    My mom is freaking out about my clothes

    My mom has been all worried about where I shop lately. I really like Hot Topic, and I've been wanting to dress kind of goth/emo lately. Whenever I say I want to go to Hot Topic, she freaks out and gives a weird guilt trip. She says "I miss my little girl who was into kittens and ponies." I still...
  19. tamakitty710

    Michael Vick Case

    If you're not sure what happened, Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons football team has been accused of holding dog fights. I've been furious over the whole Michael Vick case lately. I heard last night that he pled not guilty. I don't want to sound racist or anything, either. I think back to...
  20. tamakitty710

    Where to buy?

    Ergh, darnit... Why not? They're pretty cute :3 Thanks, though.