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  1. LovelyAnimationsYT

    memetchi the movie 3 Fanfic

    Makiko says "They are here so they can take you to my lair!" Memetchi says "Your what!" Makiko answers "It doesnt matter right now, servants, take them to my lair!"
  2. LovelyAnimationsYT

    memetchi the movie 3 Fanfic

    After 2 hours, the antidote is created. Memetchi says "We did it! Now we can save Tamagotchi To-" There was suddenly a knocking at the door.
  3. LovelyAnimationsYT

    Tubulartama's Archive

    It leaks to an Error 404
  4. LovelyAnimationsYT

    The Tamagotchi Conspiracy Iceberg

    What does Toreba have to do with Tamagotchi
  5. LovelyAnimationsYT

    whats your fav tamagotchi?

    Makiko is my favourite since I saw the movie
  6. LovelyAnimationsYT

    Halloween 2021 - Tamagotchi Style!

    That looks really cool!
  7. LovelyAnimationsYT

    I've noticed something...

    I didnt know you use TamaTalk
  8. LovelyAnimationsYT

    Where can I watch Tamagotchi anime?

    You can watch it on YouTube, Hulu Japan and Bandai Channel but I have another way not giving it away
  9. LovelyAnimationsYT

    Do you ever dream about tamas?

    I always have weird dreams of the characters turning into a final form kinda like Henshin Jo but weird
  10. LovelyAnimationsYT

    Tamagotchi: The Movie impressions/review

    Wait where did you buy that DVD? I am from the UK so UK shipping is usually quick
  11. LovelyAnimationsYT

    What if? Tamagotchi...

    What if a 3rd Tamagotchi movie was made?
  12. LovelyAnimationsYT

    A Message to All

    Rest in peace :(
  13. LovelyAnimationsYT

    IIJAN Tamagotchi Plushies

    When they make Makiko plush
  14. LovelyAnimationsYT

    memetchi the movie 3 Fanfic

    Meanwhile, Makiko is at her newly built lair on top of a mountain. "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!" she laughs while sitting on a throne. What should I do next? She gets an idea. Makkiko says "YES! This will be fun!!". and does the weird laugh again.
  15. LovelyAnimationsYT

    memetchi the movie 3 Fanfic

    Suddenly, Flowertchi sees a new shop opened down the street and says "Oh look! Theres a new shop open! Lets go inside!". Memetchi says "But we are going to Makiko's house!" Yumemitchi says "I am hungry anyways, I want to go inside". So the girls enter the shop. A random Tama is at the counter...
  16. LovelyAnimationsYT

    Nintendo to Acquire Dynamo Pictures; Accelerates Interest in Animation

    They should make another 3rd Tamagotchi movie on CGI!
  17. LovelyAnimationsYT

    memetchi the movie 3 Fanfic

    I saw other people doing this so basically you have to contiune the story One day, Memetchi was walking down the street with Flowertchi and Makiko. Memetchi says, "It was fun shopping today!" Flowertchi replies "It sure was Memetchi!" Makiko doesn't say anythig. "Whats wrong, Makiko? Its not...