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  1. TulipPixel

    I’M SO EXCITED!! 😆

    Thank you! very interesting... I'm not sure if i want it though.. those things are usually very expensive.
  2. TulipPixel

    I’M SO EXCITED!! 😆

    :OOO Wat does it do though? whats the new features? :OOOO I just watched the advertisement n stuff.. it looks like it can connect with the internet, does that mean you can play with friends?
  3. TulipPixel

    My mama found my old V-Pet!! I duno much bout it tho..

    Hellos! I'm sorry for not replying sooner, there's no manufacturer on the back, just "MADE IN CHINA" I remember it came with a little booklet (probably with instructions), and the outside packaging looked similar to the old tamagotchis (the first fiew that came out), the ghost character was on...
  4. TulipPixel

    Custom characters

    So yous are telling me, a child, that i can have KIRBY, PIKACHU, ANYONE I DESIRE as my lil character on a 4U... AND THOSE DANG EGGS ARE 200 EUROS- WHAT THE TRIPLE DELUXE WHY!!!! THIS IS PAIN!! THIS IS TERRIBLE, SUCH A TAUNT!! AAGHH!1!!!
  5. TulipPixel

    My mama found my old V-Pet!! I duno much bout it tho..

    HELLLOOOOS!! Hows everyone doing? 'o' My mama found my old V-Pet i got as a gift from someone!! I duno much about it though.. n i thought maybe people here would know.. cus everyone here is BIIIG smart and BIIIIIIG knowledge with the sentient egg pets! TADAAAH!! 'u' I do hope everyone has a...
  6. TulipPixel


    HELOOOOS!! IM NEW HERE.. N STUFF! I duno if ill be hanging out here much.. DID YOU KNOW KIRBY HAS DEEPER LORE THAN UNDERTALE AND FNAF C O M B I N E D ? shocking!