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    Cute pet/Eggy

    My comet critter actually came in the mail the other day. It seems a little dodgy, like the plastic shell feels flimsy and the pixel screen looks funny if not viewed straight on. And for some reason the C button wouldn't work until I popped the battery out and back in a few times. I guess you...
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    screen and sound repair tips?

    I ordered a vintage digital doggie. Not sure why when there's a perfectly good modern re-issue, I guess I just liked that translucent shell, and because I also had one when I was a kid... when I got it, the pixels were super faded, I have to tilt it back quite a bit to see anything. I also got...
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    Can anyone identify this oddpet?

    No idea what the cat pet is, but the other one looks like a dead cyberbaby, but with a different shell. I guess that one is has a lot of different names and shells, as I recently found out when I found one listed on E-bay as a "Comet Critter" from Nyko.
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    Cute pet/Eggy

    Wow, talk about the timing of this thread. This is the first virtual pet I ever saw, and I convinced myself I just imagined it and was actually thinking about Tamagotchi. I stumbled onto a listing for a "comet critter" on e-bay and stumbled onto this thread when trying to find more info before...