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  1. digiman64

    Is he ded?

    so for your loss
  2. digiman64

    Digimon Update

    My digimon is now in his rookie stage. After like 7 hours of waiting he evolved. I put him to sleep to take a brake. I wake him up and he evolves.
  3. digiman64

    I need help

    My digimon has not changed at all. And it's say's that it should take 3 hours. But it's been more then 6 hours
  4. digiman64

    Tamagotchi Metaverse?

    I don't know have you seen the tama app. It's not good so they should keep it as the normal vpets.
  5. digiman64

    IS HE ADULT???

    Great job at making it this far. (y)
  6. digiman64

    Started my new journey.

    Yesterday I started a new egg on my digimon ver 20th. Here he is sleeping. His name is finn.