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  1. Nanunanu

    What is this? ?mystery?

    What is this? I saw it as I was looking at tamas it says it's by bandai and it has an angel on it like the one that is on the angel gotchi book?!?! What is it? 
  2. Nanunanu

    Fake Tama?

    Anyone ever heard of this? Is it a Tamagotchi or no?
  3. Nanunanu

    Dinkie dino | FAKE OR REAL? is that a real dinkie dino or not? 
  4. Nanunanu

    House upgrade? Tama 4U

    I was reading my tamagotchi 4U book and saw this page. Can you upgrade your house? If so how?
  5. Nanunanu

    How do you get certain characters on 4U?

    How can you get certain characters on Tama 4U?  Is there certain thing you do to help get a certain character/personality?
  6. Nanunanu

    My first 4U log! Brand new!

    8/21/20 - Starting when my new purple tamagotchi 4U and 4U book comes next week from japan!!!
  7. Nanunanu

    Marry my TAMAGOTCHI ON!

    hiii!!! Anyone want to marry my tamagotchi ? Here he is  That is what he looks like  I'm getting on the Tama on app now if anyone wants to marry me please comment 
  8. Nanunanu


    Will the Nokia 5230 work for Tama 4U? Does it have IR or NFC? thanks!
  9. Nanunanu


    What is the cheapest phone with irda and NFC ?!?! I don't have any devices with either one and don't have much to spend on a new device ($60-$70 or less) any ideas for devices with both?
  10. Nanunanu


    Does this phone have irda or NFC? To use with Ps or 4U+ Kyocera 2135
  11. Nanunanu

    Which one?

    Which Tama should I get?  This Ps for $80 or This 4U+ for $57?!
  12. Nanunanu

    Dinkie dino

    Is this dinkie dino any good? Is it rare? :) What is it worth? anyone know about this Vpet? Any details you can give me will help!!
  13. Nanunanu


    Are these good? I thought about ordering one! They look super cute?!?! Is it worth $65?
  14. Nanunanu

    Broken tamagotchi screen

    I only had a fairy pink so I bought a tamagotchi magic green and I opened it up and put some new batteries in and turned it on but then this is what the screen looked like?!  There are white, green ,red ,yellow, and purple lines all over the screen and a big black spot in the center?! I...
  15. Nanunanu

    Tamagotchi connection, fake or real?

    Is this an authentic tamagotchi? if it is I was gonna buy it is that a good deal?
  16. Nanunanu

    Floppy frog

    I have a floppy frog gigapet and was trying to see how much it is worth but on eBay it sold for $15 and $25 and some $44 so I have no idea why some are sold for only $15 while others are $40+?!?!?! 
  17. Nanunanu

    Tamagotchi items price

    Is $16 a good price for all three of these?
  18. Nanunanu

    Tamagotchi on won't connect to app

    When I try to connect to the app on my device it says could not connect, incorrect pin or passkey what does that mean? And can I fix it?!
  19. Nanunanu

    Mystery Tama?

    Does anyone know what this is? Is it a tamagotchi? Or gigapet? Or something else?!?!?! Is it rare? Should I open it?
  20. Nanunanu

    Tama town/Tama go

    Here is mine. Did they used to make a carrier? Cause I remember having one when I was little. When did the come out? I got mine at toys r us but I don't know when. Just sometime years ago. Are they any good? Rare or anything? Thanks!