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    Im back :)

    Hi , its rosie12 here :) Im back :) i havnt been on for a long time so im getting used to everything again :) Just mail me if u wanna be mates xx Love from rosie12 x :gozarutchi: :mellow:
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    Questions ? xx

    Hi everybody :) Im Rosie12 and if you have any questions just ask me, im willing to help :) I dont have a version 6 yet so please no questions about them but i can help with any other version. I have 10 tamas so i am pretty clued up on them. x i hope i can help xx   Love from Rosie12 xx...
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    ;) There is this boy in my class called Troy and I really like him. I don't know if he likes me or not. When he sees me he smiles and jokes but if i have to work in a group with him he sighs. I also think he migh fancy my best mate called jemma. I really want to ask him out but i don't have the...
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    What pets do you have?

    Just wondering what pets you have? I have 2 cats called Bella and Gillespie and I also have a hamster called Smokey which I only got about a week ago.
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    What's your fave

    Mines blue,green or silver. I can't decide! ;)
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    Is this ok?

    Just the very first bit of my book called Trauma: Chapter 1 My heart was pounding.Tears streamed down my face. They were fighting, as usual. I heard the front door slam. I looked out the window and saw mum pace down the drive. She looked up and I tried to hide but she saw me. Through tears I...
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    Need a name!

    I need a name for a hamster. I don't know what colour it will be but not white. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Very strange glitch!

    My tama version 4.5 had a fishing pole and when I used it, it took 2 hours to get something. It just stood there pulling. In the end I had to reset and download it. Any idea what happened?! :(
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    Read and find out! Please!!!!

    Here is a topic where u can post pics of your tamas. I have 9 so I can't really post a pic of them all but I have 3 V1s, 1 V2, 2 V3s, 2 V4s and 1 V4.5.
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    I know there is already a few topics like this but so far back in the list I thought I'd start another. Post a pic or decribe yourself.
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    Who here watches the X factor. Who do u want to win. And do u think there is something going on between Dannii and Simon. LOL!!! :( :(
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    Your talents!

    What is your talent/talents. Tell us or post a vid. For Example Singing-post a vid Dancing-post a vid Please post
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    When is your birthday? Mines the 15th of December. ^_^
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    OMG This is sooooooooo cool!

    I just got as bill as a character on my v3 tama. Its so cool. WOW! :D <_< :unsure: :wacko: :ph34r: :lol: :) ;)
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    Glitch list

    This is a glitch list for all the different versions: V1- NAME GLITCH-when 1st letter of the name changes MATCHMAKER GLITCH-when the matchmaker brings along a strange shape instead of a character CONNECTING GLITCH-when your tama wont connect even if it hasn't got full friends CHARACTER...
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    how old were you when..................

    I was 7 i think LOL :D
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    Who here likes the X Factor? Who do you want to win? And do you think there is something going on between Simon and Dannii cause they seem more than friends. LOL
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    X factor fans come this way!

    I totally love the X factor. By the way do you think there is something going on between Simon and Dannii cause they seem closer than friends. LOL
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    what tama................................

    This is just a chat to tell everyone what tamas you have and how many: I have 8 tamas: 2 version ones-plain green and plain pink 1 version two-yellow/orange with stars on 2 version three- green with flowers on and blue with splodges on 2 version fours- blue with swirls on and pink with...
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    Ok, my tama is a version 3 and when I turn the sound on and play 'get' my tama sometimes makes a fuzzing sound when i move. What has happened? :)