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    Help Please!

    How do you insert a code they give you from e-Tamago into the Entama?? Please help!
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    Okay...This had never happen I was checking my Tama... I went through my snacks.... and there was like.. Five basketballs I can eat.... and I tried it... My tama ate it... and it actually didn't react to it. What's going on? I do have one ball in my items. I didn't even buy those balls!! Argh! Help me...
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    Tamagotchi's Name: Idiot (I know...akward. My friend did it) Tamagotchi's Age: 3 Date of Birth: ? Date of Passing: ? What Generation? 5 Your Comments: ..............
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    Lab Ray

    Do you have the Lab Ray? I have five maps right now....FOUR MORE TO GO.....My username on there is chibimandie if anyone whats to be my friend ^^
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    Video Game Board

    I think there should be a Video Game Board. Then members can start a topic about ONE game and it can me like a disscusion board or something. *cough* Animal Crossing *cough* :) Please tell me your opinions people!!
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    Have you ever gotten...

    My Tamagotchi changed in to a "Bill" :) It's kind of wierd. :) It is suppose to be Bill Clinton? XD :( This is how I got it: Putting it to sleep for the 4 days..
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    Does anyone have

    Does anyone have a Yasahii? I just wondering, because I will never to be able to afford one..*sigh* :) :( :( :( Go to PixelMood for more info
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    :D What do you think of Waterproof Tamagotchis? :D :mellow: I personally almost dropped a Tamagotchi in water *phew* :D I think it will be great, and I am SO sorry if this was post before. :wacko: Post your thoughts.   :rolleyes: Thank you for you cooperation :lol:
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    MatchMaker Times?

    I think I missed the MM today because it usually comes at 10:30 am..and does anyone know if the matchmaker come and you didn't know and if you leave it alone..will it leave and what are the times? -Thanks alot CM
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    I notice something today..

    Today I just notice a new board in TamaTalk. I haven't notice and I want to tell everyone who didn't notice. LINK: Is called TamaTown and e-Tamago Kind of interesting.. Sorry if it's spam.. I just want to tell someone~ Only 9 posts! -MANDY
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    Ohh! I got something!

    Okay, you see that Tamagotchi v2 on the top and it shows ramdom pics? I think we should make it like a virtual pet! We can auctally click on the buttons! It'll be so cool! :D it will be AWESOME :lol: Tell me what you think!
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    Infomation about v3 Games

    Here are so game infomation that you should know: BABY GAMES: :angry: GET: Get is is a really simple game. Just try to get to notes avoiding the poo. I notice after getting after music note 15, it gets faster. Points for winning the whole game:300 points CHILD GAMES: :angry: BUMP: This...
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    I wonder where the other

    I wonder where the other guides go. I'm kind of nosey.. Sorry if this is spam.. :( I just really want to know.. ..wondering really bad
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    This might sound funny..

    :mellow: A radio in our tamagotchi? I know is not really going to happen..but i tthink is a good idea.. :o :D I hope you agree with me :D :furawatchi: Let your opinion flood through this post!! :furawatchi:
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    What's a nanopet? I can't find it on ebay..tell me! SOMEBODY please!
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    Are you annoyed?

    No offence, but...Why do people keep nagging about Japan has the good Tamagotchi? I know we don't have the Entama, Ketai, or the other ones, but at least we still have fun. I mean is not like if you have a Entama or a Ketai makes you very cool. Tamagotchi is a virtual pet(whatever you call it...
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    Want your Tama to sleep half an Hour early?

    :o Well, do you want to know? Your in the right place Yo! :D First, make sure is half an hour before it's bed time. :rolleyes: Then, close the lights, it should sleep :furawatchi: If it doesnt work, please reply because it works for me. :o No need to change time NOTE: IT CAN NOT...
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    Have you ever get

    :o Have you ever got Nazotchi? I want one so bad! :ph34r: How do you get it anyway? :ph34r:
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    Disapearing Souvenirs?!

    Okay, I putt in a password from the king and then i checked my souvenirs and my arcade prizes are gone! I happened two times! I know i can earn it back. I want to know why in the world is this happening! MAKING me CRAZY
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    Oh TEA!

    Tamagotchi's Name: Tea Tamagotchi's Age: 2 Date of Birth: Feruay 27, 2006 Date of Passing: March 1st 2006 What Generation?5   Your Comments: Well Ufotchi, i guess this is good bye. It was my v2, but i loved it very much. Why did i let myself reset you! WHY!!! I guess that tamagotchi is...