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  1. KujoStar64

    Hello From Ontario!

    Hallo! I live across the border from Ontario! The Ambassador Bridge is not too far from me. I refer to the province and not the city, by the by, when I say Ontario. Welcome!
  2. KujoStar64

    Hey all!

    Even though I'm a girl, I'm not huge into the pink stuff either. Anymoo, welcome aboard!
  3. KujoStar64

    New here

    Spiders? Meep! Thanks but no thanks on the spiders. But welcome!
  4. KujoStar64

    Made a new account.

    Hallo and welcome back! :D
  5. KujoStar64

    Obsessed w/ 97 Tamagotchis

    Hallo there! Glad that you decided to join the community! The '97 Tamas are what I remember the best. I was 16 and in high school and Tamas brought me some relief of sorts. I never liked school so my Tamas helped me get through it. :)
  6. KujoStar64

    New here

    Hallo and welcome! I'm also from the P1 and P2 years for Tamas. I'm 35, but no kids. My fiancé has 4 kids, so that's all good! Tamas are indeed rising in price, but some of the knock-offs are a decent value, if not as complex. I never completely enjoyed odd pets cos they lacked the ability to...
  7. KujoStar64

    Tama P's (in-and-out log)

    Ok, onto the 5th generation. A girl. Oh, come on now! Miss Hispemetchi spent her final day as a park patrol helper. She finally nabbed a job! Then she nabbed a date with the knight. Her second one. The guy proposed. She accepted. They got married and she has a baby girl. Naturally, she parents...
  8. KujoStar64

    Tama P's (in-and-out log)

    Obviously I'm running a P's. It's pink. Not my favourite colour. I'll live with it. 4th Generation is currently a Hispemetchi. 4th girl. She evolved into a Hispemetchi and looked like a Hershey's Kiss at first. Great, she's dirty! One good bath later and we're all set! (item: I've had 3...
  9. KujoStar64

    What made you happy today?

    A few days ago, I had my very first video chat with my fiancé! That made me extremely happy! :D
  10. KujoStar64

    Do you remember your first tama?

    Recently I found the same shell as my first actual Tama. It's green with yellow stripes and black buttons. It's a P2 as well. :)
  11. KujoStar64

    Missed my 10th anniversary...oops!

    Apparently I was away and missed that I had joined Tama Talk 10 years ago last year in November. Ah well, it happens! I'm still glad to be here, no matter what happens.
  12. KujoStar64

    They're bringing back the original models, apparently.

    The Chibi might be very limiting but I still like it. I might check out into getting one of the new special edition ones.
  13. KujoStar64

    Going to try a Power Palz

    Such is why I used the past tense in my observations. Time has certainly changed and I'm personally glad that odd pets are no longer criticized as clones, copies, and knock-offs. I might keep a log on my Power Palz. Too bad I didn't get two, I heard they can marry and mix species. That might...
  14. KujoStar64

    What made you happy today?

    Molly, my dog, always makes me happy! And today I made my favourite Orange Spice tea cos it's like a furnace today!
  15. KujoStar64

    MGA puppies?

    Whilst I cannot guide you as far as what other MGA dogs came in what shells, I can go as far to tell you that I actually have a few of the other MGA pets. I have a Data Cat and some sort of dinosaur. Both were sold at Radio Shack and have rectangular shells with rounded edges. The cases are also...
  16. KujoStar64

    Going to try a Power Palz

    Wowzers, so many people really seemed to have an issue with a non-Tama pet! Let me just say I am very open-minded to odd pets of all sorts. Power Palz are just one of many copies, knock-offs, or call them as you see fit. I'm personally interested to see how they function, however simple they...
  17. KujoStar64


    There seems to be a reset button to go through the baby, toddler, and kid stages again. I do think it's cool that the hatching can only happen once, anyhow.
  18. KujoStar64


    I dunno if anyone has come across one of these or not, but there's a new sort of Furby-like toy called a Hatchimal. This is like a Furby in the fact it is a furry animal that you can teach to talk, walk, and dance. However, there is an additional step involved. As the name implies, a Hatchimal...
  19. KujoStar64

    Vintage Tama Time Log!

    So, my old log no longer reflects what I'm running. Let's start a new one! This time around we have my p2 Tamagotchi, and my Tamagotchi Chibi. My p2 has been running for a while. I got a Mimitchi, my 2nd one since receiving my p2 in the mail a couple months ago. My Chibi is currently at the baby...
  20. KujoStar64

    Hi from Italy!

    Nice pets! I'm running a Tamagotchi p2 (English version), and a Tamagotchi Chibi (Japanese version). Vintage Tamas are my thing!