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    What is a good funeral song &

    I'm doing a project for school where the theme is "soundtrack of my life". I need two more songs; hence the title. I'm lacking in brain cells and food right now, so please give me some suggestions guys D; The songs can be any genre or artist (:
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    Do you have them/want them? They're amazingly cool. I'm getting a pair tomorrow. And I'm getting star-shaped sunglasses too. I love crazy sunglasses 8D If you don't know what shutter glasses are, pic;; these.
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    My head hurts D;

    Yeah, this guy I know and /kinda/ like told me that this girl who is kinda my friend is going to ask him out. So I gave him advice. He said he won't say no because he doesn't want her to feel bad. Me: you're a softy. Yeah. I don't get why girls are so hard to talk to. That convo just made me...
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    Where did e-tamago go?

    Whenever I click on the links, all that comes up is a load of question marks. Did Bandai delete it?
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    backkkk 8D

    yesyes everyone, I am back after a /small/ break. You may not remember me. You probably don't anyways. Just to tell everyone. Now I'm off to go lurk in non-tt. Byeeee. -poofs-
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    First Dance.

    Tomorrow is the Christmas Dance and I asked this guy I used to like to dance. It took a lot more guts than I thought Dx So, anyways, he said yes, and I need advice... you know, what to talk about, how to dance, etc. Thanks guys.
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    GO ELMO!

    Click. I love this video xD I found it while Youtube-surfing. I also find it hilariously cute.
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    Help D:

    So, the problem is, I've been fixing up my Windows Media Player, on my ancient, crusty computer [Windows 98... ugh] and I've downloaded a couple songs from the internet, and copied some of my CD's onto it. It's working well so far, but I can't add songs onto playlists. I've tried everything...
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    Scott Westerfeld?

    Has anyone read any of his books? If so, did you like them? I have read the Uglies Trilogy + Extras and Peeps & The Last Days. Peeps is like, the best book ever. It's really good. [Fawesome & fool & fexellent winkwinknugdenugde] :]
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    Iron Man?

    I know Iron Man came out a long time ago, but I still need everyone's opinion on it ;] I thought it was really, really good. Everything was like, perfectly balanced, it didn't drag and it wasn't too suspenseful ... It was just really good. What did you think?
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    V5 in Canada!

    Today I was in Walmart and I saw a whole shelf full of V5's. So, yep, they're out here in Toronto. I must say, they're extremely cute, and it reminds me very much of the TamaSchool. I suggest once they come out, you should definetely get one. PS, I got the Tamagotchi House design. ;)
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    What are your comments on Peek-A-Poohs? Do you like them? Do you think they're cute? Do you think they're expensive? I think they're super-cute but a bit expensive. $2 for a little plastic thing? But I buy them anyways :D
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    Well today at lunch recess my friends told my crush I liked him (I let them) and he said he didn't like me except all his friends and loads of people were there and everyone thought he liked me so I don't know whether he's lying and didn't want all those people to know or if he's telling the...
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    Hanatchi99's Log

    Yep yep I've finally decided to start another log. Now onto Tams. Right now I have two Tams going, Blue Dots Entama, and Orange Rainbow Uratama. My Entama is a girl Shiripuritchi named Yatsu. My Uratama is also a girl, a Kabotchi named Bikku. They are both on Generation 2 and are part of the...
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    Does Canada have V4.5 Yet?

    Does anywhere in Canada, specificly Toronto have the V4.5? I want to know when I can get one, since I've seen some members with them. Thanks! :blink:
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    Within Temptation?

    They're ok. The lead singer has a great voice, but it's a bit too high pitched for me. And her dancing is absolutely terrible. I just listened to them (what's with the red eye?) and the only song + video I like is Angels. What do you think?
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    Who Likes Evanescence?

    I do. Yay. Do you?
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    Colour changing eyes?

    Today I noticed my eyes change colour with my mood. When I'm happy or normal, my eyes are a translucent brown, and when I'm sad they turn a dark brown. Cool eh? :wacko: Do your eyes change colour with your mood, or have they changed as you got older? :D
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    Which Games Give Which Skill Points, On V4

    Jumping rope and Mimic give random skill points. Here's the good part; Shape gives intelligence, dance gives fashion and flag gives kindness. That's why all three games appear when you're a teen. They come in the same order as in the status, too. I was thinking about this then I figured it out...
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    How Much Allowance Do You Get Each Week?

    I was wondering. :P My allowance is being decided. :P -Kuchipatchi-