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    I have a V4! They're out in the U.K.! ;) :) I'm soooooo happy! :D
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    1 Year On Tamatalk!

    Yay! I've now been on tamatalk for 1 whole year and 1 week! :furawatchi:
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    Garfield 2! ^____^

    Has anyone seen garfield 2? I have the first DVD and the G2 game! I want to see G2 soon! :o I completed the DS game in 1 hour and I got it yesterday! XP :kuribotchi: :angry:
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    Tama star is back! ^_____^

    O.K. I have been very busy and I haven't been on tamatalk for months but now I'm back! ;) I may not be as active as I use to be though. You may find me on tamatalk about 3 times a week. So Hi! ;)
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    Golden tamagotchi!

    What do you think of the golden tamagotchi? I like it! XD P.S. Does anyone know where to find the necklace thing and the hat?
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    Do you like the new tamatalk smilie? I love it! :unsure: <----
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    Which tamas do you really want to get? I want to get an entama and a kakeibo and an angelgotchi. How about you? :blink:
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    What's going on?

    I had 5,362 posts and then I posted 3 more itmes and I still had 5,362 posts. What going on? :D
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    Hi! It is my birthday soon and I'm hoping to get an entama. I need to find a real entama (not a fake) that is not too expensive. If you come accross a cheap entama or kakeibo then please could you give the link to it in this topic. Thanks. :o Also, please could someone give me some...
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    My new V3 tama log

    Welcome to my tama log. I have a V3 that is a teletchi (girl) on the 9th generation.
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    Whenever I send a personal message to someone on tamatalk, it says "the message has not been sent becuase the recpient does not have permission to use the personal messenger". What is wrong? :wub:
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    Today tamatalk is celebrating it's 2nd birthday!!! YAY!!! I'm soo happy! :ichigotchi:
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    How long? I come on for 1-2 hours per day. :lol:
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    Do you like chomametchis? I do! My V3 evolved into one this morning. :) *tama star* :furawatchi: :D
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    Please vote and tell me what you think! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:     *tama star* ^_^ :furawatchi:
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    What type of tamagotchis do you own? I own: 5 v2's 1 v3 How about you? ;)
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    My tamas just married each other but one was 5 and one was 6. I thought they had to be the same age to get married? *tama star* :wacko:
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    I like pochitchis best! ^.^ The others are my worst favourite tama characters. :wacko: *tama star* Happy voting! :wacko: :ph34r:
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    Pluto the mametchi!

    This log is going to be all about my red and white V2 which is a mametchi called Pluto. *tama star* :lol:
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    Strange V3..

    My friend got a V3 yesterday and I went over her house and we played with our tamas. When I looked on her meals list and her snacks list, it just showed the picture of the food and it didn't say the name under it. Does anyone else's tama have that problem? *tama star* :angry: