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    Help. Gen 1 Tamagotchi makes death sound and wont stop

    Ok I need help. So my Tama died and makes the death sound but its constant. Doesn't get slower like it does when it usually dies. It wont stop unless somebody helps me reset it which I dont have somebody all the time. Weird thing is once it is reset I get help setting time and I can start a new...
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    Pausing gen 1 Tamagotchi

    Ok so I know there is a "pause" function for the Gen 1 Tamagotchi from Googling. I'm coming up on lots of projects and finals needing to be done and want to use that function. So I tried it when I was working on something to test it out. I know bringing the clock screen up by pressing B then A...
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    Old Tama owner but its been a while

    Hi guys. Im new here and found this site trying to google for answers. When i was younger I had a Tamagotchi like a lot did. Well 1 day it just died gave out even when there was new batteries. So i havent had one since then. I remember being sad about it too when the toy store back then said...