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  1. babytchi96

    Pix not turning on when pressing with camera button

    I had a(broken but working) pix. but every time I try to turn on, it kept turned off. Need advice? thanks so much!
  2. babytchi96

    Scratch de hakken! - Fanmade vintage tamas in scratch

    I decided to make a project about tamagotchis! I made the game but it was glitched - it has 2 evolutions! I coded it so good its animations can match the beat of original! We've added the latest updates: Tongaritchi and Takotchi, the new evolutions. Here is a link for anyone to play: Scratch de...
  3. babytchi96

    How to change between the sebioretchi to a 'reseted' account in the Pix

    I want to switch between pix accounts, but nothing worked. Tell me the workaround!
  4. babytchi96

    Cassy the Hashitamatchi and Tongaritchi's amazing wonderful rping?

    [cassy] Hi quackies! Imma go quack in a tank of sand! [tongaritchi] wait what? are you saying that? [cassy] I want to eat out.. [tongaritchi] well...get distracted by corns! [cassy] AWAWA what? [tongaritchi] I'm eating corn. [cassy] ow! bees! [tongaritchi] How about your tamatalk @hashitamatchi...
  5. babytchi96

    Anyone remember the virus 'Tamago.doc'?

    This virus is based off the Tamagotchi toys. When starting the computer, it shows an ASCII picture of Babytchi with the text "eXPecT nO MeRcY FRoM HiM". Do not go to this virus, it will show an image of my favorite tama and the text. It might damage.
  6. babytchi96

    Tom the Tongaritchi and Glimpsy the Babytchi's adventure mania!

    Hi! My name's Tom! I'm a tongaritchi and I like to play minecraft and Snap.Berkley! Hey friends! Call me Glimpsy. I'm a babytchi who hates school! I'm Sweetie the Tonmarutchi, aka the Background Character! Enjoy the log! Diary 1 Chapter 1: Roleplaying with Glimpsy! Glimpsy? Glimpsy...Where are...
  7. babytchi96

    Do the teen in the pix evolve to ginjirotchi when I fed him bagels?

    I was surprised because he evolved to the adult stage, such sad.. Well not sad because he is a crybaby cutie! Cause: Sitter + Feeding Bagels to teen
  8. babytchi96

    A p2 and a Pix

    (no photos cuz i refuse to give to the pc) Generation 2 My generation 2 arrived in october 10. I got the tab pulled away, and saw this egg bouncing up-and-down. It kept doing this nonstop until 5 minutes later... Look who's hatched! The conquestions of raising a tama has begun! :babytchi: I...
  9. babytchi96

    MY PIX LOGGGGGGGGG(no photos cuz somewhat didnt trnasport pictures)

    So today I got a PIX after my kusatchi died. Floral PINKKKK, LESSS GOOOOOOO I CHOSE THE PINK EGG! it tumbled up and down and repeated after i took m first photo of the egg cracking open. and I got a pink Tamabotchi. Fed some baby bottle, and even made poo! I cleaned it up by swiping to the...
  10. babytchi96

    The Babytchi Log

    HELLO i haven't stared this log when i was a kid babs! WEEELLLLL no pics cuz there is no connection ON PC to transport, sorry :( instead we have anime gifs of themmmm in a p2222 LETS START THE LOGGGGGG WHEN ITS MAH BDAY I GOT A P2 AND i hatched DIS EGG!!! 🥚 AND I TURNED THE VIRTUAL P2...