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  1. emmephyzema

    ISO: Cheery Ghost

    Hello, a while back on eBay there was a listing for two “Cheery Ghost” virtual pets, and ever since I’ve been kicking myself for not buying them. If whoever bought them is here, would you consider selling me one? If anyone else has one, would you consider selling it? It’s just…so obscure...
  2. emmephyzema

    Micro Pet Log (Walking Potato, Comments OK)

    I recently scored a Micro Pets ‘chicken’ clad in this beautiful purple shell. I was expecting it to be like the other Micro Pets I owned but when it started it resembled more of a Penpy or Duckland with the bouncing egg… …but when it hatched… It resembles a potato with legs. It only has two...
  3. emmephyzema

    My Orr-Orr Dino, Dual Chickpets, DNA fish & a Genjintch!

    Hello! The main focus of this log will be the elusive “My Orr-Orr Dino” also known as “Flex Dino.” This is a very unusual pet that dies at the drop of a hat, it’s icons are all on the bottom of the screen and there’s a dino face emoji type icon that depicts the creatures mood. One thing that...
  4. emmephyzema

    Can anyone identify this oddpet?

    Hello, does anyone know what this cat pet is? It’s not a nekotcha as it moves back and forth around the screen, but I can’t seem to reset it. Also, the buttons make sound when pressed & the clock button works, but none of the icons show up. Any info on this would be great, thank you!!! I’m...