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    Toddler evolution doesn’t really matter with the Tamagotchi On

    The tamagotchi On (and Meets, maybe M!x?)  features two different toddler types: low happiness toddler and high happiness toddler, determined upon evolution from the baby stage by low or high happiness. There is no significant difference if you have a low happiness toddler or high happiness...
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    Mimitchi celebration group hatch log!

    Welcome to the start of the Mimitchi hatch log! I’ll go first: here are my twin girls, Rabbittchi and Bunnytchi! 
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    Mimitchi celebratory hatch!

    I figured it’d be a good idea to do a hatch to celebrate Mimitchi coming to the On app! When: September 1st, 2:00 AM (PDT) till September 1st, 11:59 am (PDT) basically anytime during September 1st that Mimitchi is the guest character, you may need to convert for your timezone. For reference, PDT...
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    Teen body types and the cooresponding adult body types

    This is a work in progress, so the list isn’t remotely complete! In the second generation onwards, the teen evolution indicates the adult body type. However, the same teen has multiple different body types (due to the principle of it) If it has a question mark next to it, it’s a theory. Body...
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    Price gouging for Fantasy and Saniro Meets

    both the Fantasy Meets and Sanrio Meets are being sold for 100 dollars or more! Since there's no available stock, the prices have shot up! Please do not buy them for those prices, they are too expensive to be worth it and you're being scammed.
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    Tamagotchi Saniro Meets and Tamagotchi Fantasy Meets have been discontinued?

    Japan You Want doesn't have any Saniro or Fantasy Meets in stock, despite having all the other versions. This likely means Bandai for whatever reason has discontinued them, likely due to Covid-19.
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    Tamagotchi evolved into a Mametchi despite eating rice omelet three times?

    I was trying to evolve my first gen Tama into a KuroMametchi by feeding him 3 rice omelets, but he became a Mametchi instead? Is the omelet thing just a rumor?
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    Tamagotchi ON fairy pink log!

    I'm starting a new tama log today! Here's a picture of the tama:
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    Tamagotchi friends won't go to sleep?

    My Hokobotchi is awake even though it's 7:20 on the device. Guess she's rebelling against me. Edit: went to bed at 7:30?
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    Tamagotchi friends connection to dream town

    Connecting to dream town requires tickets on dream town. It also needs to not be morning in dream town. Connecting does not effect bump hearts, so you can do it a lot, if you have the tickets for it. Please note Tamagotchis that have a baby CANNOT get prizes from dream town. How do you earn...
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    Halloween hatch!

    Rules: Any tamagotchi is OK, but Halloween, creepy or spooky themed ones are great. No more then 3 tamas per person!
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    Tamagotchi friends dream town and regular tamagotchi friends

    Haven't gotten the dream town one set up, but hopefully will soon. For now, we have Bob! He is male, as you would expect, and I wonder what this little guy will evolve into! Just have to wait and see!
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    Tamagotchi Friends is on Instagram!

    I searched Tamagotchi Instagram and found Tamagotchi Friends has an Instagram!
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    Tamagotchi Friends connecting guide

    Connection is referred to as "bumping". Tamagotchi Friends can only connect with other Tamagotchis of the Friends series. US and European Tamagotchi Friends are able to connect (there is a video showing them doing so). I don't know if other Friends of different countries can connect besides...
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    How to age your Tamagotchi Friends

    This definitely works on Tamagotchi Friends (I believe it works on other versions too0. Step 1. Set your Tamagotchi to one minute before waking up. This is the only way it will work. Set the date to one day after the day you have set. Step 2. Put it to bed if it isn't asleep before you changed...
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    Nazotchi is hidden in Tamagotchi Friends

    What if Nazotchi was hidden in the code? And no one ever found Nazotchi in the code?
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    I changed the time and my Tamagotchi didn't go to bed

    I have discovered the parents of a new Tamagotchi won't sleep if it is the normal sleep time. Huh...
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    The pinktastic hatch

    I made a group hatch. Rules: 1. The shell must be pink or have pink on it. 2. Connection v1 and up only. Mesutchis work too.
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    The story of the purple tamagotchi friends

    The first generation was a boy. The next was a girl. Then boy. Then boy again...and then there was the fifth generation. The fith generation was special. I had raised a Pianitchi. I was happy about the gift I had slip ups or too little slip ups. I will change the time.
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    Pink Tamagotchi friends log

    Entry 1: Just got fresh batteries in my tama. She evolved into a Petitihanatchi. The purple tama, her buddy, is Pianitichi, a perfect care character and a gourmet type. She is fast asleep.