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  1. KiraKitty

    Cat themed virtual pets?

    Hello! I'm a cat lover and looking for V-Pets where you can care for a cat. (NO multipets please like Super Gyaoppi). I did a little research and so far I found these: Nano kitty Giga Pets Compu Kitty Bitty Kitty (KFC) Vmigo cat Q-Pet cat Anipalz Cat (Nyanpod) Anipalz World cat (Yuruppy) MGA...
  2. KiraKitty

    Ministry Of Chaos Poomki Pal? Anyone have one?

    Hello! Does someone have this Poomki Pal virtual pet by any chance? What is it like? Any good? Does it evolve? What kind of animals does it have and features? Thanks!
  3. KiraKitty

    Does anyone know what virtual pet is this? Help please!

    Hello! I had this virtual pet, when I was a kid, but I don't know anything about the brand or what kind of program does it use. It's shell is a dalmatian printed paw with red paint on it and yellow buttons. It's a dog. If someone have it and could tell, I would appreciate it! Or maybe someone...
  4. KiraKitty

    Full 1997 Tiger Giga Pet Health Care Guide

    Hello everyone! Today I decided to make a COMPLETE (hopefully) health and playing/care guide for the vintage 1997 Tiger Giga Pets. First and foremost, I would like to say that this guide might not work for every Giga Pet, but I'm pretty sure a lot of things apply to ALL of them (they are very...
  5. KiraKitty

    16 in 1 Pets Park and Anipalz Cat anyone? Help!

    Hello everyone! I'm new on this forum, this will be my first post. If anyone have the "16 in 1 Pets Park" and/or Anipalz Cat by Gamze and could make a review about it, I would be very happy :) I saw these in some people's collection videos, but couldn't find any reviews on it. :( So, it...