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  1. Miau

    ☆ Clay V-pet Cradle Tutorial ☆

    Supplies: clay of your choice V-pet of your choice Plastic bag or cling wrap paints, gems, charms, ect. (optional) Lets get started! ੭•̀ω•́)੭̸*✩⁺˚ To begin, gather up all your supplies. I used what I could find laying around my house. That being: Sculpey III, a V4.5, and a plastic...
  2. Miau

    Safety & shopping with Aliexpress?

    I'm very nervous about buying from aliexpress. Not only for safety reasons, but also because it seems sooooo complicated!! to be more specific, I'm interested in buying one or both of these...
  3. Miau

    My Meebas Review

    This is my first review! I'm gonna try to cover as much as I can + post some pictures of mine. So! Lets get started. I recently bought the pink My Meeba. It was used, and thus didn't come with the plush inside, but I'm happy with it the way it is. Hardware: My Meebas take two (2) AAA...
  4. Miau

    Music star genre

    Hi guys! I'm trying to get Shimashimatchi's genre to switch to R&B but I haven't had much luck. Which instrument combination did you guys try? I have the Timpani, a Harp, a Mic, the Singers, the Karaoke, an Accordian, and a Bass Drum in my instruments tab. Any ideas? Thanks in advance...
  5. Miau

    Yahoo Japan Guides?

    I'd love to learn how to use Yahoo! Japan! but it seems like every time I read something, I get even more confused :( Can anyone on here help me? I know that there has to be a middle-man to buy from it, how does shipping work? The shipping seems expencive, does it really cost $50 for some...
  6. Miau

    Favorite Digivice?

    Hi guys! I’ve been wanting to buy a digivice! But I don’t know where to start, there’s so many!! So I have a couple questions like: Which is your favorite digivice? I’m really liking the Digivice iC 10X and Digivice iC 20x but I want your opinion first! And one more question. What happens if I...
  7. Miau

    Where to watch the Tamagotchi animes?

    Specifically Tamagotchi! (the first anime) It'd be great if there were english sub/dub as well :lol: ~Miau :wub:
  8. Miau

    Thoughts on the 4U?

    I don't have any sort of NFC compatible device so I'm not sure I'd be able to download any content without selling a kidney to buy a compatible device. I'm not sure about the touch cards either, I'd like to know about what sort of features/characters you can get from them? I loved the ID and the...
  9. Miau

    Vulture Culture?

    anyone here into vulture culture? i.e. taxidermy, collecting bones, wet specimins ect...? I'm curious and it's kinda hard to find people who are into the subject :huh: ~Miau :wub:
  10. Miau

    Deep scratches on screen?

    Hello all! I have quite a few deep scratches on my tamagotchis. mostly on the screen though! I dried displex on the screens and it worked ok, but there are still some scratches on it :( any suggestions for fixing that? and what about the rest of the toy? there are quite a few scratches on...
  11. Miau

    Tamagotchi IDL Pets

    Ok, so I know how to go about getting a pet and all that jazz but today I finally got a Hapihapitchi! I'm curious about what having a Tamapet is all about though, what's their purpose? Are you supposed to collect them? Play games with them? What's up with them Tamapets? :huh: ~Miau :wub:
  12. Miau

    In need of IR port!

    So I sorted through all my old phones an pdas to see if any of them would have an IR port, I thought for SURE that ONE of the 6 phones I had would have it. BUT NOPE! all of them used bluetooth only :( I came across this post here (link leads to tama-zone) but I'm not quite sure how to get my...
  13. Miau

    Same Characters on Tamagotchi Friends

    I keep getting the same characters on my Tamagotchi Friends! :angry: I've gotten Coffretchi twice, Righttchi Three times, and Knighttchi once! I've tried all sorts of things to get other characters! i.e. over feeding until they're around 45 pounds, running happy and meters down until they...
  14. Miau

    Tamagotchi ID Pricing

    I'm hoping to buy a new tamagotchi soon, but I'm not sure what a reasonable price is! :huh: How much are Tamagotchi IDs and ID Ls worth? AND! Which in your opinion is the better option? It'll be my first color Tamagotchi! I'm super excited! :wub: ~Miau <3
  15. Miau

    What is moderate care?

    Hello! I'm new to actually TRYING to raise tamas! I'm trying to keep my tamagotchi friends at a moderate care level, but I'm not quite sure how to go about doing that? Do I concentrate on the weight of the tama? Or maybe the happiness and hunger?
  16. Miau

    Tomcat Gigapet help?

    I recently got out my gigapets and decided to start up the 2006 Tomcat again! I got into playing it and his health is only at 25% and his mood isn't doing too well either :( I've tried everything but I'm not sure how to get it back to to par! Anyone know how to help me out? Again it's one of...