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    Hey, dudes! Who remembers me?

    Hey! :) I used to frequent this forum quite a lot and I figured I'd just come back and say hi! I'll probably hang around for a little while. ^_^
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    Tamagotchi in NY

    I wouldn't imagine that either of these places would have them. After all, they're only sold in Japan, really, right? I mean unless someone decided to order it specially or something...
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    Username Change

    Lol I've had my username since 2005. I would probably change it if given the option lol! XD
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    Do you drive?

    The snow I got stuck on was probably about a foot deep. I kept stalling it because I would upshift to second gear, come to a corner, and then the car would get sort of stuck in the corner going around it and it would shudder to a stop. I really wasn't too kind to my poor clutch! :P We might...
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    Do you drive?

    Neonmoo: Just wait until it snows really heavily! Then you won't even be able to get out of your driveway... lol. Do you drive standard? I burned up the clutch on my car just because I got stuck on some snow. How embarrassing. I was in the way of a snowplow driver and just sat there helplessly...
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    Do you drive?

    So, I've been learning to drive lately. Do you drive? Not yet? Are you learning to drive? Just curious: If you DO drive, what's the worst mistake you've ever made? I've had countless mistakes, but I think the one that stands out the most is when I forgot I was driving an automatic and, in my...
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    TT forum app?

    JLou; Because apps sometimes work better, Internet browsers can be slower, and then plus there are like dedicated buttons for everything. For instance, on most Facebook apps, clicking and holding on an image will ask you if you want to make it your profile picture (or something). Try that in a...
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    Mass Email

    It's slightly disappointing to come back to a forum that I remember as being super busy and bustling from a period ranging from 2005 to about 2007, and find that there's barely anyone active in 2013. It's not hard to see why: As far as I know, Tamatalk's roleplay forum is not all that developed...
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    Your almost at death stories.

    Crap, really?! O.o; I'm always sticking forks into the bread toaster (once it's off, of course) because my bagel always gets stuck in there!!! >_>;
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    Your almost at death stories.

    I once ran out in front of a car, on a snowy road, when I was younger and trying to deliver papers for a route. I was so focused on what was just across the road, that I stepped off of the curb and ran out into the street without looking both ways through the blizzard weather first. Yeah. Let's...
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    A real eBay horror story

    I'm always so terrified when it comes to buying things from eBay - so far, I've gotten good items each and every time, but I generally try to go for the pricier ones, as those that are more expensive tend to be real more of the time than those that are cheap. When I was looking for a copy of...
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    The Mystery of the Kidnappers~

    (Sorry I haven't been online! ^.^; I've been totally busy.... XD So, I couldn't *really* get on here, at least, not for all that long. D: Would you mind helping me accept people if I'm not on, DJYellow22? :3)
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    Tama-go glitch!

    Well, you must have done SOMETHING to mess it up that badly! :P
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    The Mystery of the Kidnappers~

    Okay, that's fine, DJ22, but, you're all accepted, so far! ^.^;
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    Tamagotchi High School

    mimitchi ^o^, your charries must be young teenagers. ^.^; Luis shrugged. "Fine. I love mornings, you know. I hate the dark of night, as it's not like you can do anything, so mornings are always better, you know?" he chuckled. Amber shrugged. "Sure!" She smiled at Nellie. "Let's go in a group...
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    Can my senior Music Star still get married?

    Well, both my band members are male, and my Tamagotchi is female.... ^.^;
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    Tamagotchi High School

    Oh, by the way, so101isfun; you are accepted! ^.^; You may begin RPing. :3
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    Tamagotchi High School

    Luis glanced around, looking for Cade. He didn't know him all that well, but when the Young Mametchi's eyes alighted upon the other teenager, he jogged over to his fellow Young Mametchi, to stand beside him. "Hey!" he greeted him, jogging in place. "What's up this morning, Cade?" "Today," the...
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    Tamagotchis & Studying

    Nah, don't know if I want to do that... because, as I said, the temptation is just always there to play with them! :( Besides, it's a pain pausing a P1. Maybe it would just be better to take the batteries out of most of them... and only keep the batteries in the V4.5 and V6... because no...
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    Tamagotchis & Studying

    Well, I'm keeping my V4.5, my V6, and my P1. ^.^; I currently have a Tamatchi on my P1, which is a good-care character, and he doesn't really bother me... but I will probably just put it on pause for a little while until I'm done my exams. ^.^; That, or just taking the batteries out all...