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    Jonny cat virtual pet

    Wow thank you, that has been a huge help!
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    Jonny cat virtual pet

    Does anyone own one of these and can tell me if the growth chart is the same each time?
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    My Orr-Orr Dino, Dual Chickpets, DNA fish & a Genjintch!

    Here is a topic I created with helpful information on caring for DNA fish
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    DNA Fish

    I had one, here’s a topic on it
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    Cute pet/Eggy

    Happy I could help 😊
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    Hanami virtual pet flower

    They made a boy and girl version seperate
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    hana hana mi

    They come in boy and girl versions
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    How to get the Twin Deviltchi

    Twin Deviltchi evolves from Girl Deviltchi when the Friend Level is at 4 and the Devil Power is between 80 and 95. Twin Deviltchi is the shortest-lived special adult, as it usually evolves shortly before a Good End is due to occur.
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    Happinet poo pet

    I won this but have no idea how to care for it and I can’t read Japanese, has anyone owned one to help me out?
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    Cute pet/Eggy

    @Eggiweg I found more for sale on eBay, I just ordered one for myself to try :)...
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    Tamagotchi breeding logs

    I’d love to see your tama breeding photo logs of each parent and resulting offspring.
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    Tamagotchi Smart Deep Dive! (lots of photos & manual translations!)

    What does that 1996 characters card mean, if you use it you only raise 1996 characters?
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    Future tamagotchi ideas

    If future tamagotchis come out, what would you like to see added on to them or kept from previous versions? I’d definitely like to continue seeing the ability to marry and have blended looking babies. Adding to that, develop an app all previous tamagotchi versions like ON and pix can connect...
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    Tamagotchi on battery and English meets customization

    If your tamagotchi on battery suddenly dies is your progress saved automatically? Is there anyone who turns Japanese tamagotchi meets into English? I know I saw a way to do it but I thought maybe someone does and allows people to order them already converted to English.
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    Is the ON app being shut down?

    I heard the app is being shut down. Why would they do this when it’s the only way to marry rare characters? This day in age and expenses of tamagotchis, I see no reason future and current tamagotchi apps can’t link together and be kept on forever so we never lose our hard earned tama characters...