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    Quiz: Which Tamagotchi Character Are You?

    Violetchi You are very gentle and easygoing. You are very understanding of your surroundings and like to be aware of everything around you. You tend to focus on the details of everything, that’s why you are a good listener and people enjoy your company. The only problem is that you focus a lot...
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    Games like Tamagotchi (Virtual/Retro/Simulation Pet) for Pc and Android (app) [Free].

    Thanks this guide is so helpful. I have an android phone and Tablet. I may try a few of these apps.
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    Do You take your Tamas with you when going outside?

    Life's better for the most part. It's nice to have my two Tamas. I call them eggy and Spider.
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    Does anyone sort of like go to sleep with their tamas beside them?

    my gotchi's sleep right beside my bed. I wake up and the first thing I do is feed them. i set the clock to my scedule so will set is behind or ahead the real time depenmding on how my sleep scedule is.
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    Anyone Else Take Naps with Tamas?

    I put my gotchi's besides me when I nap or sleep. they are always with me. my companions.
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    Do You take your Tamas with you when going outside?

    I own two tamas I used to have more but I had to very sudenly leave home and lost almost all my belongings besides for a few clothes, a few elctronics, and three most tresured stuffed animals. I am running both a hello kitty nano, and a original gen 2/p2 rerlease. I take them everywhere with me...
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    How often do yall play with your tamas in school if u do?

    I'm in high school. I simply take them to school and take care of the in between classes, at lunch. and before and after school.