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  1. meowbark

    what tamagotchi did i get

    yep yep im using a v3 that's it thank
  2. meowbark

    what tamagotchi did i get

    ok so i started playing tamagotchi again and i got this little beast what is it i cant find it on the wiki
  3. meowbark

    Naruto - Anime Series

    Buy the first arch. Pre-Shippuden. It's worth it imo, not the filler arch though. Or save yourself money and just stream it! xD
  4. meowbark

    Favorite Anime?

    Have to say Inuyasha was my all time favorite. Lmao ask anyone that was here back in '06/'07. As of now I'm watching Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. Holy crap Gainax's end to Season 1... lol. Anyway for the season itself, it's full of perverted sexual innuendos, Western styled Animation, to...
  5. meowbark

    Black friday

    I'd rather make my way through crowds of overweight savage Americans to buy a computer I want for a cheaper price than wait until after Black Friday when they're all out of stock and I have to order online without a discount.
  6. meowbark

    Do you have a boy/girlfriend?

    i got my first boyfriend just recently 8) only thing creepy about it is that he asked me out on the same day as my parents 17th wedding anniversary ): but omg i love him so muuuuuch
  7. meowbark

    sup again

    the userbar is taking forever to load >.< like, where all my options are! but ty both of you (:
  8. meowbark


    8) yeah mine just ended. gotta love short periods. 3 days ftw.
  9. meowbark

    sup again

    if any of you remember me. hi again 8) i decided to check up on my old home. and holy crap this place has changed a lot in like, half a year. ): i rarely posted even then. but yeah i'm back, might not be active though. just felt the need to say something. this new forum is so confusing.
  10. meowbark

    Is this website....

    Sup bro. It really does suck. kthx. I came here to show my friends my old Tamatalkers comic just now and decided to see how bad it's gotten. Ha. Tamatalk, you cease to amuse me.
  11. meowbark

    Axis Powers H E T A L I A <3

    I laughed at what happens to Prussia. With how big his ego is and all.
  12. meowbark


    I do, it's not that great though...
  13. meowbark

    Acid Reflux

    It only seems to happen with school lunches, some sort of ingredient they add I'm assuming. Though when I go to the doctor in a few days for an unrelated appointment, I'll be sure to bring it up! Thanks guys.
  14. meowbark

    Acid Reflux

    Excuse me, for this is for sure not where I should post this, but since I'm not active on most any forums I'll take my luck and post here. OK, so like, I think I may have Acid Reflux disease. My stomach, well, below the stomach, really burns after I eat certain foods. Mainly being school lunch...
  15. meowbark

    Which Internet browser are you using?

    I used to use Chrome, then for some reason it started messing up big time. Chrome also has a tendency to open a new process for every tab you have open. I use Firefox now, plus I got a cool skin for it.
  16. meowbark

    Best smooth animation program anyone?

    Alright, I know for a fact this is not the be asking this sort of question, but I want to know if anyone has suggestions as to what program would be best for animation? I mean flash is a great program for basic stuff such as making banners and whatnot on the computer, but something that would...
  17. meowbark

    Axis Powers H E T A L I A <3

    Latvia, homg, so cute ;v; My friend cosplayed him and holy crap she was so freaking cute, especially since she had the perfect wig, costume, and body type to do it. Being 18 and barely 5 feet made it perfect xD I read the original webcomic before the side comics, I, actually sorta wished it...
  18. meowbark

    Teacher issue.

    SK/ Yeah, there's one other teacher in the IT division at my school who teaches Net+, but according to my classmates in other classes, he doesn't teach anything either :/ So... I'll probably have to agree with TM here, since I have a feeling the results wouldn't be pretty if a counselor...
  19. meowbark

    Paint Programs

    It's not free. You have to pay 50 bucks for the full version, but, like anyone, we torrent |D I have a cracked version that works with Vista But yeah, Sai is EXCELLENT for drawing/coloring/lineart.
  20. meowbark

    Teacher issue.

    So, long story short, I take a Networking class. I'm not supposed to be in this class until NEXT year, and the school wouldn't bother changing it when they were supposed to. The teacher, he teaches us jacksh*t. He used to at the beginning of the year, though after we got back from Winter Break...