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    Hey, Star's Back!

    Haven't been on for a while.......I was on this other site. Now I'll be on both sites everyday. Sorry I left suddenly for *checks calendar* 1 month. So, I'm back.
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    Tamagotchi's Name: Adam Tamagotchi's Age: 4 Date of Birth: Date of Passing: What Generation? 2 Your Comments: I left him on pause for three months and he died because my Tama ran out of batteries!
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    How do you......

    How do you edit you're user lookup?
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    She lived a Happy Life.

    Tamagotchi's Name: Peach Tamagotchi's Age: 8 Date of Birth: Dec. 18th What Generation? 1st Your Comments: Peach lived a Happy Life. She had a baby, and she left. So sad......And I felt happy for her.
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    I'm not kidding. My Tama is a Hinatchi, which is great, right? I take care for it and it's always happy. AH MY GUNJIROTCHI IS TAKING A BATH!!!!!!!! Bad News Though,: Hinatchi is STILL 1 year old!!!!!!!!!!! and it is in a bad mood. :huh:
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    The costume

    My friend said if you wear the costume from the code it'll be stuck on you! i got the the costume, but she has a panda costume and i have a mimitchi costume! my lucky day i always wanted a mimitchi! should i wear it?