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  1. milkgotchi

    A game with a tamagotchi bundled..?

    really interesting. Whats the date for the release? The official page is kind of confusing. I see a link to a switch package but it doesn't seem like the tama is included? How do you purchase the box?
  2. milkgotchi

    Just wondering if theres something wrong!

    That sucks. I would definitely return it. If you've lost the receipt try fiddling with the batteries as they may be the issue. My guess though is that it's a manufacturing error like eggiweg says. Sorry friend!
  3. milkgotchi

    What's your holy grail tama?

    I’ve long thought the P’s is the best. IMO even without deco Pierce’s it has a lot of cool content. Out of the classics tho.. I think the Uratama is up there. Or the v5. Hard to choose 😭 sucks how much content has been lost on the newer Tama’s. The Meet’s bluetooth capability is definitely a...
  4. milkgotchi

    Tamagotchi M!x Anniversary Gift ..Time Machine Item?

    Just got the anniversary gift ver. of the tamagotchi m!x. Got a time machine as a present from gift town. It was listed under my special items and when I used it my toddler became an adult with hearts always floating around it? Is this a one time only thing? Can you get the time machine item...
  5. milkgotchi

    Does anyone know much about this tamagotchi?

    I recently purchased this on eBay because it looked interesting. I couldn't find a wiki article about it or much info anywhere else. I don't think it's a traditional tama in which you hatch and raise a baby. I believe it's an accessory for possibly the v3 or v4? Does anyone know or recognize...
  6. milkgotchi

    First-time 4U User: What Should I Do Next?

    The 4U does not have a career system unfortunately. You can send your tama to school (with the right supplies) and they'll eventually learn different skills. You can use the learned skills to help out tamagotchis that appear outside your house from time to time. You get lots of gp as a reward...
  7. milkgotchi

    Which Color Tama?

    I have the 4U and the Tamagotchi P's. I get way more enjoyment out of my P's than my 4U. The only thing I like more on the 4U is the shell and the skill system. Even with a NFC device (which I have) the 4U still isn't that great. I'd go for the P's for sure.
  8. milkgotchi

    New to Tamagotchi 4U+, Help?!

    The icons will appear eventually! When they do make sure you do the action they want as soon as possible and remember to always praise your tamagotchi after it's completed the action. Sadly, I do not know what the tamagotchi is saying :-(
  9. milkgotchi

    Open Source Tamagotchi v5(2.0) Game

    This sounds awesome. I love my v5 and more features would be awesome
  10. milkgotchi

    Tamagotchi P's Personality Randomly Changing?

    So I recently obtained a Tamagotchi P's! I know that different items and foods effect its personality in different ways. However when I open the scale icon it'll say that it has the fashion personality, then I close the scale tab and reopen it and it'll say it has the charismatic personality...
  11. milkgotchi

    Tamagotchi P's Color

    I love the purple one~ I have the blue though since it was cheaper >o<
  12. milkgotchi

    Advice on getting a "modern" tamagotchi

    Hello, hello! I would only buy the 4U or the 4U+ (the newest Tamagotchi) if you have a phone that has NFC and can use the 4U app. The 4U doesn't have very many adult characters but you can download more through the 4U app or Mr.Blinky's 4U app which is in English. I recommend looking and...
  13. milkgotchi

    Another old kid reliving the dream

  14. milkgotchi

    3DS Friend Codes!

    I added you!
  15. milkgotchi

    3DS Friend Codes!

    Not sure if this is already a topic somewhere buuuutttt..... Post your 3DS friend codes here! My friend code is: 3780-9464-8728. I love playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Tomodachi Life, and Others!
  16. milkgotchi

    Tamagotchi 4U or IDL? V2, V3, V4 or V4.5?

    I have a Tamagotchi 4U but I would only recommend it if you have a NFC compatible phone so that you can get downloadable content. The 4U only comes with 10 characters built into it...soo.. :-\ . The P's and the iD L have a lot of similar features and can even connect to each other. I'd go for...
  17. milkgotchi

    HELP! Tamagotchi Angel won't hatch!

    UFO means it's dead. Do you mean you can't get it to the egg screen? Try reseting it. :-) EDIT: I don't own an Angelgotchi so I don't exactly know but if you think it's frozen I would definitely just reset it orr take out the battery and put it back in.
  18. milkgotchi

    Hello Everyone! =)

    I had a very similar experience. I had completely forgotten about tamas and then saw the Tamagotchi + Color and fell in love all over. Of course I still love the grey-scale ones. Welcome to TamaTalk!
  19. milkgotchi


    This looks so cuteeee
  20. milkgotchi

    Unique Tama (I saw from our friend in group at fb)

    Is it even a Tamagotchi? Seems like a off brand kind of thing. Still pretty neat though. I like its cover/plating.