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  1. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Tama Friends not turning on?

    Please help qwq So i recently decided to revisit my Tama Friends (not a dream town btw) but when i dug it out i realized the battery screen wasnt even there. I decided to try and put batteries back in anyways to see if it would work but i just put them in and nothings working. Pop the batteries...
  2. Sonic_Hedgehog

    !Tamagotchi Instagram Warning!

    I've been seeing Instagram ads giving away Tamagotchis for the anniversary, and im pretty sure theyre fake. The images they show have the infamous 4 buttons, so it can be assumed these are fakes. Just a warning for y'all.
  3. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Can Tamas Die / Run Away in My Tamagotchi Forever?

    Cool! TYSM everyone! I'm happy my Kuromametchi will be okay ^^
  4. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Can Tamas Die / Run Away in My Tamagotchi Forever?

    Hey, so today I got Kuromametchi on MTF, but since Kuromametchi is one of my favorite Tamas I kinda wanna keep him for a long time, so im not really rushing on the whole career thing. I was wondering if Tamas could die or run away from not getting their career or being alive too long or...
  5. Sonic_Hedgehog

    R.I.P Loveli, The Kutchipatchi...

    Today we have lost a great Tama... Loveli, my first Tama on my emulated Gameboy Color Tamagotchi. She was a great Tama, even though when she died she almost gave me a seizure (lol). She lasted a strong 9 days, and will be forever missed. (It was especially heartbreaking for me, since...
  6. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Ridiculous v3 glitch

    Rest in pepperonis, sweet tama ;w;
  7. Sonic_Hedgehog

    4u+ won't turn on

    Is there any corrosion around the batteries or where you insert them? If so, that might be your problem. You might also want to try a different battery type, some Tamagotchi's are very wonky and some may like a certain type of battery while some might not.
  8. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Did Dream Town Shut Down?

    When I try to log into Dream Town it says it can't connect to Tamagotchi Planet. I've completed the game multiple times but it's really nostalgic and I wanted to see it again! Can someone give me some answers? :(
  9. Sonic_Hedgehog

    DreamTown Saves?

    Hey guys. I dont know if this is the correct forum to post DreamTown stuff on, so I'm sorry if it isnt :unsure: Anyways, I tried to get into my old Dreamtown save for a while now, and it seems its just gone! It says the username doesnt exist...the first time it was gone and I tried logging...
  10. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Friends Kiosk Jewelry

    Ah, that sucks. Thanks for the reply though! have a good day!
  11. Sonic_Hedgehog

    What Shiny Pokemon have you Caught?

    My first was a Magikarp in Pokemon Y, which I evolved and traded for 2 LVL 100 Pokerus shinies (I have a feeling they're hacked >~>) and a togepi, ponyta, clauncher, stuff like that. I get most through Friend Safari. Recently though I got a random shiny in Moon: A shiny torkoal.
  12. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Friends Kiosk Jewelry

    Hey guys! I have a question: I have a TamaFriends, and it states you can do bumping with special Kiosks to get jewelry. I was wondering if these Kiosks were still around and if so in what stores??? I heard ToysRUs but idk. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!!
  13. Sonic_Hedgehog

    What Are You Playing Now?

    Sonic Chronicals: The Dark Brotherhood :D
  14. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Dream town differing food purchasing options?

    thats weird. maybe someone hacked it or something :P
  15. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Tama Friends Battery?!

    Thanks everyone! They just wernt put in the right way. Thank yoiu :)
  16. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Dream town differing food purchasing options?

    I definetly know that the European and American ones have different games. The European one has things like Mimic, Cake Catch, stuff like that. and the American one, Driving, I think? So thats a way to tell them apart :P
  17. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Tama Friends Battery?!

    Hey guys. I went to the store today to replace the battery on my Tama Friends (Due to me not having a tiny screwdriver to open it) and when I replaced them it wouldnt turn on....We used Enerdgizer batteries this time instead of the normal ones we use. Do you guys have good experiances with...
  18. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Dream town differing food purchasing options?

    Thats weird. The lot of 3 one might be European. On my regular Friends (The only Tama I have, haha) it only has 5, and its european. Maybe the canadian one has more? :P
  19. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Intresting Tamagotchi Fake!

    Whoa. Well, its defininetly more advanced then other fakes we've seen. Seems there is more gameplay than the other ones.
  20. Sonic_Hedgehog

    Has anyone ever had problems with the eng patch for tamagotchi P's?

    Sorry, I dont have a P's. But if you go to "What Happened To My Tamagotchi?" and search something along the lines of "P's English Patch" i'm sure you could find something. :)