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  1. KidRetro64

    Tamagotchi 2017 Usatama LCD Screen Damage

    Hello, folks!  :) In spite of easter, I decided a few days ago to run my Usatama in celebration. I went ahead today and removed the old batteries, and popped in the new. I’d done this numerous times before, so I didn’t think anything of it. As soon as I put the new ones in, the screen was...
  2. KidRetro64

    Downloading Tamagotchi Meets App In UK App Store

    Hey all! So I recently bought another Tamagotchi Meets (the fairy JP ver. to be exact) and I want to try and connect it to the App and play with my other Meets on the App, too. The problem is that I live in the UK and I have an iPhone, so downloading the iOS App is quite tricky. I’m looking to...
  3. KidRetro64

    V2 Battery Problems?

    So, today in the mail I recieved my Tamagotchi Connexion V2. Works great, but I have a question about what happened when I put the battery in. I’ve experienced (sort of) the same thing with my Usatama, when I got it.  We put the batteries in as usual, and nothing came on the screen (why I...
  4. KidRetro64

    Tamagotchi Meets/On App Not Downloading

    Hi! So I’m currently running my Meets, and I have a Loveletchi and want to marry her. So I’m using my Samsung Galaxy NotePad 2 to download either the ON app of Meets, and there from the APKPURE website. Now, I go on the downloads, and it doesn’t let me open the app. It just says “There was a...
  5. KidRetro64

    I’m Considering Starting Modeling...

    Hi Everyone! For about 6 or so months now, I’ve been really interested in modeling. My friend, Angela is one, and she tells me how she always meets new people and gets promoted by brands such as Nike and New LOOK and such, and honestly it sounds really cool! I’ve read lots of articles about...
  6. KidRetro64

    Tamagotchi School/TamaSuku Start Up Guide?

    Hello! So today my Tamagotchi School came! It’s really cute and I got it from JYW, NIB. After scrolling through the internet for a really long time, I can’t seem to find a guide on how to set the date? Also, if anyone has a general idea of how it works that would be really helpful. It seems...
  7. KidRetro64

    Memetchi Dressed Up? (4U)

    Hello! So today my 4U evolved into Memetchi, she was a normal evolution of her for about 30 seconds and then she dresssd up in Makeup and curls and a dress! I bought her a dress afterwards but I can’t get her wear it. If anyone knows what this means let me know! :)  
  8. KidRetro64

    Marrying Without MyMeets Application

    Hello! :)   So, I have a Meets and since I live in the UK, I cannot access the app ( I have tried it, does not work! ) and I was wondering if any meets expert could help me! Thanks!
  9. KidRetro64

    Kid Retro’s Angelgotchi Log!

    Hi Everyone! I’m going to be trying out my first Tama Log! I’ll be running my Angelgotchi, that I got back in 2017. It’s in basically mint condition, apart from that the pause screen is inprinted in the screen. See you later!
  10. KidRetro64

    Tamagotchi Human- Chapter 1

    Side Note~ This is a project I’ve been working on for a while. I hope you enjoy! This is a story about the Tamagotchi universe as humans.  Chapter 1~  Chapter 1- Kutchipatchis Career “Decoratchi! Those crème brûlée’s won’t put sugar on them thereselvestchi!” He screams from the kitchen...
  11. KidRetro64

    iPod Tamagotchi Game- Around The World

    Side Note~ Recently, I’ve found a screenshot of a game that claims to have been released for the iPod 3rd and 4th generations. I am good when it comes to iPhones, but I know little about the iPods.  Luckily, my sister has an older one and so does my grandad. Now, I doubt they would be able to...
  12. KidRetro64

    Buying Tamagotchis Via Charity Shops?

    Recently, I’ve decided that I want to invest in Tamagotchis more. And, whenever me and my Dad go into town, we almost always go into Charity shops. Now, I always go to the Toy bit, just to see if anything intresting is lurking around in there. Then, one day I asked my dad, “Do you think they...
  13. KidRetro64

    Finding a stable TamaTown Server ( Links Appreciated!

    I'm currently procrastinating over the "Project Tamatown" situation I put myself in. For the last 3 hours I've been messing around with what use to be tamatown, but I've basically gone nowhere. You've got pngs, source codes and a pretty neat wallpaper ( That I'll put in the comments if I can )...
  14. KidRetro64

    V1 And V3 Aren’t Connecting Properly

    Hi Again👋 I’ve got more troubleshooting with my connections! This time, they won’t connect! Let me go into deeper deitail. Basically, I put the top brown bit against eachother ( as they say in the advert, am I right?) and I click “B” when they are on stand by. Then I’m greeted with a “FAIL”...
  15. KidRetro64

    V1 Connect Icon Won’t Click?

    Hi Guys 👋 I’ve recently started up my V1 (Because my V3 Arrived And Im Going to make them marry)  and I tried to connect, the V3’s Connection icon clicks and I can access it, but the V1 just makes the No noise ( You Know, the noise when you can’t do something on your Tamagotchi) and doesn't let...
  16. KidRetro64

    Tamagotchi Friends “Prototype”?

    Hi 👋  I’ve just remembered something! It might not be 100% Accurated as it was 2 Years ago, but I’ll try my best. (It’s just popped into my head, and I’d like to see if anyone else has one like this!) Back In 2017, I got my first Tamagotchi; being a Pink Gem Friends. But some how, I remember...
  17. KidRetro64

    Bithday Prenstents?

    Hey Everyone 👋 In 3 days, it’s going to be my Birthday! And I’m dying for a SIM Card. It’s quite a long story.. and I’m wondering if my parents behaviour does any good in this? Well, back in February I decided that I really wanted a SIM. I brought my phone and my £1, but my Parents made me put...
  18. KidRetro64

    Meets Battery Door?

    Hi :) I was going to run my Meets, but I’ve defined ran into a problem. It’s never happened before, and ever since February the reset button won’t do anything to open the battery compartment! It’s not the same for my 4U, which is surprisingly wierd. My 4U Pops open every time, and is very...
  19. KidRetro64

    Kawaii International TMGC Episodes?

    I’m a HUGE Kawaii International Fan & I recently found a Facebook a post from 2014, where they did a Blog about the Tokyo Shop, and I’d really like to find the original episode; if there is one. If anyone can Share a link or Video that would be very much appreciated :)
  20. KidRetro64

    ROM Testing?

    Hello Everyone I’ve recently seen some things about a ROM Test, and I’d quite like to have a go. Except, I’m pretty sure I have a V1 or 2. I’m looking into getting another Connection Model (That I don’t quite know the Type yet) and I’d quite like to Connect them. Is it Risky? Your obviously...